Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Vintage Inspired Candy! by Tab

Great candy to win over at Tabs blog !

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back from the hospital.... at last !!

Hey there my dear blog followers & visitors... I'm finally back from the hospital since Saterday
and boy it has been a hell I can tell you =/
In case you don't know why I went to the hospital... I went there to get my gall bladder removed through a simple arthroscopy and went there last Monday morning at 7:15
(now before you read on make sure you want to, haha)
I was pretty calm but if I had known what was coming I would have jumped of the bed as they wheeled me into the operating room.
During the operation they couldn't get the gall bladder with the 1cm stone out throught the tiny holes and they had to go for the "old fashion way" was means I have a cut.. oh about 20cm long and a hole bunch of staples, plus the cutes from the arthroscopy AND one where a drain has been for the last week.
The hell I mentioned was the moment I came out of the anesthetic in a complete panic and sooooo much pain that it still haunts me from time to time.
I have been in a lot of pain this week (they had to give me morphine for 5 days) I couldn't eat and lost 3 kilos in these five days (that's not so bad in my case 'cause I'm no stick figure, haha) and I hate to not be able to sleep in my own bed, so no rest for me.
Now ALL of the nurses, the ladies who brought us coffee, tea and our breakfast/lunch/dinner, the fysioterapeut everyone they all have been sooooooo sweet and I have sooooo much respect for all the work they do day in day out every single day.... they are all running around like crazy.... nothing is too much and still they are undervalued and they want to cut in the finance of health care !?
Walk a week or even a day in their shoes !!!

Now I'm finally home I'm eating light meals and as long as I'm taking my medication on time I'm doing pretty good.... it will take a long time to heal but I'm getting such good care right here at home which I'm soooooo grateful for, so mom & dad.....

Friday, July 15, 2011

Monday at 7:15

Hey everyone I just want to let you guys know that this Monday the 18th of July at 7:15 I've to be in the hospital and that the operation is at 8:00
Hopefully I will be able to get some sleep Sunday night, haha ; )

I will keep you guys posted ! = )

Saturday, July 09, 2011

I can't believe it......

I just can't believe we've got a..... mouse !?!?!? Yuk =/
For the last few days we are trying to catch a mouse but still no luck, so last night we placed a mouse friendly trap with a piece of cheese with peanut butter on it.
This morning the cheese with peanut butter was gone.... but so was the mouse, can you believe it the trap didn't work !!
It's still alive in the attic where I have my hobby room... aaarrrggghhhh.
So we placed a lot of my stuff downstairs so the mouse doesn't have a lot of places to hide.
The mouse is trying to leave the room at night because it's stripping the wallpaper of the walls... fortunately I was planning on painting and placing new wallpaper on the walls, so the mouse is helping in a way, haha.

We don't want to let it out of the room because we want to know for sure it's gone !!
So tonight it's cheese with peanut butter again but this time with poison =(
The mouse needs to go... it really can't stay, but I love animals and I really didn't want to kill it... but like I said the mouse needs to go... before you know it you end up with a family mouse.
The mouse does look cute though =/

Monday, July 04, 2011

I won the TOMIC challenge #4 Shimmer & Pearls = )


I jus saw that I won this weeks TOMIC challenge #4 Shimmer & Pearls !! = )
Wondering what the price will be.... exciting ; )


Saturday, July 02, 2011

TOMIC challenge #4

Hello my blog followers....
this time I'm entering an older creation I have made a while ago for the TOMIC challenge Shimmer & Pearls
I'm not feeling so well because my gall bladder is playing up again and it's time to take it out ! =/
So yesterday I went back to the hospital and this Friday I need to come back for a pre-screening, where they will check if I'm "ok" and healthy enough for the surgery.
Then it's time to wait for that phone call where they tell me to come in.... bleh !! = (
But the pain isn't fun either..... so it needs to be done.

Anyways that's why I didn't had time to create a new Magnolia creation, but I like this one... hope you do to !?