Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tone Finnanger's Tilda Vintergleder collection 2013

*for a closer look... right click on picture and select open in new window*

Dear blog I just want to show you these new pictures of Tone Finnanger's Tilda Vintergleder collection 2013
I show two pictures before but these are better and there are couple of new ones...... and boy I'm so "in love" with this new collection
When can I start!?!? hahaha
Last time I mentioned that I had ordered the Tilda Skating doll and that I want to make the polar bear...... new one on the list, is the Tilda doll with turtleneck
She's on the top right corner....... isn't she also cute!?!?
I guess I just had enough of this heatwave and want to get started on "cool" things, hahaha

Last night I couldn't sleep (fell a sleep around three thirty) :/
You know this kitty has the right idea if you ask me.....
Then again my butt doesn't even fit in the refrigerator, hihi :P

Anyways thanks for stopping by
much love Corianne

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tone Finnanger's Sommerliv Whales...

Wally and Wanda.... Willy's parents

Wanda... Willy's mom

And Wally.... Willy's dad

Our little whale Willy

Sneak Preview

Dear blog it's still very much summer so I thought I would show you the pictures I made from our little whale Willy's parents
Maybe you remember Willy who likes to play with Seaside Tilda at the beach when he's not swimming around with his parents Wally and Wanda ;)

And then a sneak preview from the Summer Girls twins.... stay tuned for them :)
Now I'm off to take pictures from the creations my mom made with the latest collection by Eline Pellinkhof

much love Corianne

Monday, July 22, 2013

Magnolia's Sea Breeze collection...

click for larger view on picture

Dear blog.... finally the new Magnolia Sea Breeze collection is complete!
And boy can we use a sea breeze right now..... it's 33°C in my craftsroom during the day... pfffff I don't mind a bit of sun, but this is ridiculous!!!

Anyways I definitely have my favorites besides the stamps from the Summer kit of course ;)
So I made a compilation of my favorites images.

Right now I'm making the two Summer Girls dolls from the Sommerliv book by Tone Finnanger.... I did the sewing in advance, because I'm melting behind the sewing machine these days ;)
So when it gets a bit cooler downstairs in the evening I'm stuffing the dolls and putting them together.
Now my mom is knitting their vests.... because for some reason I just can not get the hang of knitting and crochet, weird isn't it!?!?!?

Anyways, try to stay cool and don't forget to drink enough water ;)
         much love Corianne

Monday, July 01, 2013

magnolia sea breeze collection... coming soon

Dear blog there's a new Magnolia collection on it's way and it's going to be called Magnolia Sea Breeze collection 2013.
I've seen a couple of the stamps from people who had ordered the Summer Kit en they are very cute again!
Especially this one....

Don't know what her name is yet, but she looks so cute with her little bucket en life buoy ;)
So now we have the new collection of Tone Finnanger's Vintergleder and the new collection of Magnolia's Sea Breeze to look forward to! :)
I think we will have enough to do this summer and fall don't you!?

   much love Corianne