Monday, September 29, 2014

Behind the scenes of the new Tilda book

Behind the scenes

The days we photograph books are the busiest of the year, and there is not much time to take behind the scenes footage. However, we would like to share the few that wee managed to take during the Homemade & Happy photoshoot.
There is a lot of waiting for Tiril and a good book is necessary.  Luckily the other model Totto has the ability to sleep for twenty hours a day.
Sølvi is captured while showing Tiril how to stand in the door for the Welcome picture.
The portrait of Totto is taken by Tiril (fake fur of course).
Ingrid is holding the reflector, trying to reflect daylight into the darker arias of the motif, and Tone is setting up the layout and adding pictures as we work.
This time we take a look behind the scenes of the new Tilda book 'Homemade & Happy'
Tone Finnanger showed us these photos on her own blog, I just love the photos of her little sister and Totto ;)
And just look at Totto all snuggled up... so cute!!
Now the Norweign version of the book should come out this month, but, I guess that's not going to happen... hahaha It's the 29th already... ok September has 30 days, but I don't see it happening anytime soon :/
You what puzzeling me? How can somebody already have the book (I saw another Tilda fan I know with the book and showed us pages from the book) and it's not even for sale yet!?!? Strange!
Anyways, have a lovely Tilda day...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Dutch 'Gevulde Koeken' (Almond paste filled cookies)

Have you seen the new products from 'Heel Holland Bakt' (the Dutch TV show version of 'The Great British Bake Off') at Albert Heijn!?
Ohhhh my goodness... I'm loving it, all the pretty baking supplies, different flours, bakeware and much more!
And it's all in my favorite color duck egg blue (pictures will follow soon!)

Today I baked the well known Dutch 'Gevulde Koeken' (Almond paste filled cookies) for the very first time, using 'Zeeuwse Bloem' and the 'Amandelspijs' (Almond paste) from the 'Heel Holland Bakt' series... and I've got to say it works fantastic! I took a picture of the recipe if you like to bake them yourself
They are a little bit of work but also fun to make with my new baking supplies... and tasty, hihihi ;)

Have a delicious baking day,

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tilda homemade angel

My first creation from Tone Finnangers new collection 'Happiness is homemade' is the 'Homemade Angel' but not made with the "new" doll pattern, because (like many Tilda fans) I don't like the pattern
I really hope Tone changes her mind and for her next collection use the normal patterns again
Anyways, back to the 'Homemade Angel'... like I said, I used a normal pattern and now she fits right in with her Tilda sisters
The fabrics are fantastic (like always!) and with the buttons, yarn and scissors she is a great help when I'm sitting behind my sewing machine ;)

Now it's waiting for the new book to arrive, I can't hardly wait... I want to see what other creations I can make and get some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing :)

I love to hear your opinion about the new Tilda doll pattern, do you like the pattern or would you like the normal pattern better!?
Let me know and leave your opinion in a comment right here under this message

Have a lovely Sunday,