Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hänglar and Stänglar Stamps

Ohhhhhh my God these stamps by Hänglar & Stänglar are soooooooo CUTE (aren't they !?)
One of the Double Dutch designers used a stamp from Hänglar & Stänglar (didn't knew then that they were from this brand, so thanks Jolanda) and I immediately fell in love with these stamps !
The only bad news is that they only sell them in Norway, the good news is that there are online shops who sell
Hänglar & Stängler prints (not the stamps, but only stamped prints)
Well it's better to have the prints then nothing, I guess !? :P
Other good news..... Hänglar & Stänglar have a blog and they have soooo many lovely creations on there,
you better get out a mop (dweil) 'cause you will start to drool, haha... lol !
Just click on logo (or on the logo in my sidebar) and enjoy ; )
Now I can't read any Norwaign either, haha.... but on the top right of their sidebar is a Google Translate option. : )
It's best to select English I think (translate better)
and their blog will be translated in to the language of your choice !
Now don't you agree that Hänglar & Stängler should also sell their stamps worldwide !?!?
Maybe we can all send them an email and ask them, hahaha..... I think their email is hanglar_stanglar@hotmail.com

Anyways, hope you like this news and if you have any news regarding Hänglar & Stänglar let me know ; )
Thanks for dropping by again, have a great sunny day !!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Looking for a silver dragonfly (libelle) charm

Hey everyone...... I could use some help again, because I'm looking for this silver dragonfly (libelle) charm
and I can't seem to find a webshop who sells them :/
Ok that's completely true, I do know a shop who sells them but I had a really bad experience buying there in the past.... they didn't came through and it took some persuasion to get my money back.
So I'm not going to buy from them anymore, hahaha :P
Anyways, if anyone of you know a webshop please let me know, I would be very grateful !!
Have a great weekend you guys....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eline's "Opkikker" Card & Tone Finnanger's Pin Box

Hey everyone, I could finally finish the Eline "frog card" today, because I was waiting for the pearls (bottum right on the card) to arrive with the post..... it's my first stair step card and I'm pretty happy with it.
Next to it is a little pin box...... sooooooo not my own idea though, nope it's "stolen" from Jeanet
Those who know Jeanet have probably recognized it already,
she makes such lovely things that I just couldn't resist !! ; )
Anyways.... tonight is Cameroon-Holland, keep your fingers crossed...."GO HOLLAND GO" !!
Thanks for dropping by and have a great evening

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Holland - Japan..... we are ready !! :P

And............ they are off...... and we are ready with a bowl of orange, red, white and blue MM's :P
Have a great game everyone !!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Girls..... I need your help !!

Girls........... I need your help, tips, advice.... anything !!
At the Creaweekend in Rijswijk I bought this clear stamp from Papermania and when I wanted to try it out
I noticed that when you ink the stamp, it comes out looking like this....

Nothing wrong with it, but I want to color it in using the same colors as used on their Papermania mini notelets...
............ do any of you have tips, advice for me.... everything is welcome, hahaha :P
So I'm calling out to all of you creative people for help !!

Thanks and also for dropping by : )

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cake Anyone !?

Cake anyone.... haha, I finally finished my cake "wedges" last night, so it's time to place the pictures on my blog.
I used the cake wedges template from Eline, her paperbloc "Eline's Babies" girl, some lace and a few paper flowers.

The letters on top read...... I-T-S-A-G-I-R-L ( It's a girl.... without the ' )
By the way I bought the glass cake stand months ago at "Intratuin" and the big doiley I got from our local bakery.

Let me know what you guys think ; )
Next up.... my very first "paper" cupcake and a few more things, but those I can only finish when I find the right material..... I can be so picky sometimes, haha :P
Thanks for dropping by again and have a lovely day !!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

CreaWeekend (Rijswijk) treasures

On Friday I went with my mom to the CreaWeekend in Rijswijk and bought all these lovely treasures.
From a pink self healing cutting mat (always wanted a pink one, haha), paper roses/flowers, buttons.... to Tilda decoupage papier.... I love every single one of them ; )
Now I just need time to get creative, hahaha :P
Thanks for stopping by again and have a lovely day !!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wow... more then 5000 visitors

I just saw that I already have more then 5000 people who have visited my blog.....
so I want to take this moment and thank all of you who left a message, a comment, who's following my blog, became my (blog)friend or just had a quick look.... you guys, you all ROCK !!
So it's for YOU these two "simple" words....... THANK YOU
Have a fantastic day,
Love Corianne

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Brocante Treasures

For the last couple of weeks I've been searching for brocante treasures and look what I found so far....
I'm soooooo happy with them ; )

I just LOVE all this "old" stuff.... just giving them a second "change" in life !!
There's a better view from above..... sorry about the quality of the pictures, I know they #$%*@#.....
sometimes my camera sucks, hahaha : P
(pardon my French)

Thanks for dropping by again...... next thing on the list.... CreaWeekend !!

xoxo & hugs Corianne

Monday, June 07, 2010

Albert Heijn Beesies

* = AH Beesie

Albert Heijn has got the WK Beesies to support our guys at the WK in Africa, hahaha............. they look pretty funny in the commercial (watch video)

But one thing.... when I was a kid (long time ago, I know....hahaha) I had a pink "beesie" that looks pretty much the same as these guys, so they aren't really original.

But still funny though ; )

All rights reserved: Abert Heijn

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

CreaWeekend Rijswijk 11/12/13 juni 2010

I don't know about you guys, but I can't hardly wait for the "CreaWeekend" in Rijswijk to begin.....
because I'm soooo ready to shop, hahahaha.
Still waiting for the participants list, so I can see who's selling what and know who's got what I'm looking for.
Maybe we'll see each other there....... ; )
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day !!