Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thanks to....... Raquel from Otte&Olijf

Today something different then Tilda creations..... today I would like to say a great big thank you to Raquel from Otte&Olijf, because she made it possible for me to make 4 Easter hearts !!
Easter hearts !?!?...... yeah Easter hearts, hahaha. When you visit Raquel's website you'll find so many lovely things and also her own creations.
Now I wanted to make my own, but the bunny stamp is completely sold out.....
(trust me I've been searching the internet, haha)
and Raquel was so kind to stamp 4 bunny pictures on fabric for me !!

And today the stamped fabric arrived, I'm soooo..... HAPPY : )

THANK YOU Raquel !!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tilda Birdhouse & Bunny

Hello my dears...... I finally found some time to place the latest Tilda creations !!
This time I made a cute bunny from Tone's "Crafting Springtime Gifts" book and mixed the idea with a bit of "Crafting Tilda Friends".
For the bunny (Crafting Springtime Gifts) I used the small pattern......then used the pattern for the carrot (Crafting Tilda Friends) to make a little radish and resized the leafs from the radish pattern (Tildas Summerideas).
Hope you can still follow me, hahahaha............ ; )
And then there's the Tilda Birdhouse.... thanks to Maria from Marutska for ordering the original birdhouse for me !
I used the pink with birds scrapbook paper from Tilda Flowergarden paperstack and used Decorfin paint Turquoise number 603 with a bit of water for the roof.
When I was done with that I used Tilda leafs ribbon and a Tilda bird to finish it.....
Now because I find the original Tilda birds so white, I painted it's beak and gave the little birdy some blush !!
Hope you guys like it.........................

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tilda's Craftings Friends Snail

She's finally ready.....
the snail from Tone Finnanger's re-released book "Tilda's Crafting Friends" and she's pulling a little crate on wheels.
Now she can help me when I'm sewing my Tilda creations !!

It all started ou with finding the right combination of things and colours.
Fabric for her body wasn't so difficult, but to find the right colour combination for her shell and little pillows, hmmmm that wasn't so easy because Tone used old fabrics in her book
(those of you who have this book know what I mean)
and I wanted to "pimp" the snail by using Tone's 2010 fabrics.
But they are all such lovely fabrics that I just couldn't choose and things have to "talk/speak" to me.....
it has to feel right !!
Anyways, in the end I did find the right combination and I could finally start......

Here's a close up of the snail and what I think looks funny is that she looks cross eyed, hahaha

And a close up of the little crate she's pulling......
I used Decorfin paint number 523 "Ice Blue" and added a little bit of water,
to give it a "white wash" or in this case a "blue wash" look, haha.
Now I don't think you guys can see the result, but I guess you know what it should look like.
The wooden spools are from my grandma who's now 92 years old and still had a few in her sewing box,
so......... THANKS GRANDMA ; )

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My version on the Tilda Flowergarden Angel is finished

Hallo my dears, my Tilda Flowergarden angel is finally finished !!
To give her a little "extra" a white pearl neckless...... she's sitting on a "step/staircase" that I bought at V&D
( a big department store her in the Netherlands ) and just had to have, hahaha ; )

Other news..... I received the "new" Tilda book "Tilda's Crafting Friends" today.....

It's not really a new book by Tone Finnanger, but a re-release in English. I'm going to make the cute little snail that's pulling crate..... watch this space for pictures !!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Made a list of Tilda books

Hi all of you Tilda fans.... when I became a Tilda fan myself I noticed that there were so many Tilda books in different languages and got a bit confussed. So I made a list of all the Tilda books Tone Finnanger created, to "help" you out a bit.
The list shows all of her books, the countries and the year they were released in.
And because every country has it's own cover I also placed pictures of all the covers in the list, so you can get a better idea and know what to look for......
Now I haven't written the titles down, but I think I will in the future..... what do you think !?!?

I would love to read all of your comments and suggestions.... so feel free to do so !!

---How to find this list ---

You can find the list in a separate blog page..... look on the right side of my blog main page and click on the HER BOOKS button, a new window will open up and then just click on the picture to have a closer look.