Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Will you be my valentine...

It's almost valentine... so I thought why not pimp this love photo frame
Now what is love... well for instance tea and cookies in bed with your sweetheart

Of course I used the traditional red and pink colors

I colored the roses myself, because I didn't have any red roses

Even the ladybugs are there to spread love

Hope you like it and gives you some inspiration!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Boob Beanie.....

Today I want to share something I saw in the newpaper....
It's called a boob beanie and was developed in Australia by a breastfeeding mum
who was sick of being judged for feeding her son in public.
In a society where breasts are more accepted as sexual objects than their original intended purpose
these beanies aim to get a little of our own back!

The boob beanie is available in two colour combinations flesh/pink and flesh/brown
and are designed to look just like the real thing.
Here’s every mum’s chance to generate some shock value,
while serving a very important purpose of protecting your loved ones head.

Enjoy laughing at the double takes and seeing the reaction for doing what just comes naturally.

If you like to support all mums around the world visit http://www.boobbeanie.com/ 
and buy your own boob beanie for your baby or as a gift for an expecting mum!

Because it's beautiful and natural I support this 100%
Every mum has the right to breastfeed in public,
without getting judged!


Friday, February 08, 2013

Look what arrived....

Look what arrived with the post yesterday....
it's the Magnolia Poppy Tilda I ordered at Sir Stampalot
Now they had told me it could take between 2-5 workdays,
but after only 3 days of waiting it came with post! =)

And did you see the wooden trencher/platter in the shape of a sandwich,
hahaha.... I thought it looked so cute when I saw it in a shop window
They had set the table, with a spring look to it
and that's when I saw the trenchers/platters

Now with the new Magnolia Little Easter collection
I am so ready for springtime....


Monday, February 04, 2013

Magnolia Poppy Tilda stamp....

copyright Debbie

When I was blog hopping I came across this cute new Magnolia stamp called "Poppy Tilda"
I was visiting Debbie's blog when I saw the stamp and found out that it's a special stamp
It's especially made for Sir Stampalot and they do shipp outside the UK!
So I just ordered mine and only have to wait 2 -5 working days....
I can do that..... I think, hahaha ;)