Friday, February 28, 2014

Tone Finnanger Tilda All that is spring.... mother hare and child

Today I would like to show you guys the mother hare and child from the new Tone Finnanger Tilda collection All that is spring.
It was so fun making them because they look just so cute together and the new fabrics are beautiful.
They come in a kit.... there are a couple of things different from the original though. The embroidery yarn for their noses (I thought) was too pink for my tast, so I bought a lighter and softer pink and the other thing is the sleeves.
The original have more of a puffy sleeve and they hand sewn across the chest, but I didn't want to do that.... it looked better this way (I thought)
Oh I just saw that the mother hare hasn't got a ruffled flower.... oops!
Well it looks the same as on the child hare's dress, so it's not a biggy ;)

Hope you guys like the new creation.... thanks for visiting my blog
Have a lovely day,

much love Corianne 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

La Dolce Vita (bakken met een lactose intolerantie)

A second blog in the making!
It's a blog about baking when you're lactose intolerance, where you can find information and tips

much love Corianne 

Monday, February 24, 2014

The new Magnolia Tilda Zodiac Collection...

Aquarius Tilda

Aries Tilda

Cancer Tilda

Capricorn Tilda

Gemini Tilda

Leo Tilda

Libra Tilda

Ox Tilda

Pisces Tilda

Sagittarius Tilda

Scorpio Tilda

Virgo Tilda

The new Magnolia Tilda Zodiac collection is just too adorable!!
I especially love the Gemini, so cute holding hands

Pre order your stamps now at your local craft store or online...

much love Corianne  

Monday, February 17, 2014

Lactose intolerant...

I just got home from my visit to the MLD physician and the results are in
After 36 years they found an answer.... 

I'm lactose intolerant!

All those years I've been telling the doctors that there was something, but always got the same damn answer.... there's nothing wrong with meThinking of all the pain that I've had, where I sometimes even passed out... they could have saved me from that, if they had only listened and tested me years earlier (so sad)

So now the next step is to see a (MLD) dietitian, who is going to tell me what I can and can't eat
Finally we are making a plan!! 

It's a weird feeling.... that you're happy to hear you have something

Still going to bake from time to time, but now you know that you can expect something to happen, you know!?

 — feeling hopeful.

much love Corianne