Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New header

I'm still here...... as you can see I made a new header for my blog and changed the background.... well changed, I added a new background image !
A white background is just so white, you know ; )

I haven't been creative the last few days ( not much ) because I'm still recovering from a stomach ulcer =/
Last Monday night it happened..... I all of a sudden got this really bad stomach ache ( of course in the middle of the night ! ) and that to call my doctor.
Boy does that hurt a stomach ucler.... I hope none of you every had it and never gets one, 'cause it really hurts I can tell you !!
But I'm slowly getting and feeling better..... and I still have the laptop to keep intouch with everyone ( what would we do without the computer.... A !? )

So anyways that's why there aren't any new creations/projects.... but as soon as I'm feeling up to it and have my energy back I will take pictures and finish the creations that are still laying around !! = )

Have a wonderful day !!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

It's here, it's here...... and boy was it worth waiting for !

Eline's Huis

Christmas came early this year, although it wasn't Santa who brought this wonderful parcel ....... nope it was the postman who did it, haha =P
You don't have to guess what was in the parcel (see picture)..... it's the wonderful new line by Eline Pellinkhof and boy am I in heaven !!
I'm sure I'm not the only one that's in heaven, right girls !? ; )

Eline's new book is called "Eline's Huis" (Eline's Home) and if you love Eline's work, you definitely are going to fall in love with her book...... if you don't have it make sure you do, haha =P
Because after I read this book I was like "I don't know where to begin, everything is sooooo cute"

Her book is definitely full of great (and cute, hihi) projects.... enough to get through these rainy days they call autumn and well into winter, so by the time winter is over you will have a house full of lovely decorations to chase away those winter blues !

Hmmmm can you tell I'm a huge fan.............. hahaha..... lol !! =P
Anywho,  I know where I'll be this weekend....... on the sofa with a nice cup of tea (and maybe some chocolate if I don't stain the book of course) and finish a few projects that I still have laying around of course...... oh sooo much to do and soooo little time..............

Hope you guys will have a great weekend aswell, until next time