Monday, May 26, 2014

Tilda hare boy guarding my baking utensils


Today I finished the Tilda hare boy I had laying around for a while 
After I made the mother hare and child from the Tone Finnager Tilda kit, I thought why not make a boy this time?
And as you know... boys will be boys, they can be full of mischief, so I gave his a little catapult 
But his a sweet little boy, because he's guarding my favorite baking utensils when I'm not using them ;)

Hope you have lovely evening,

Friday, May 23, 2014

Magnolia Tilda creations by Camilla Hermansson & Camilla S. Bakke

I would like to show two Magnolia Tilda creations I fell in love with the moment I saw them and before I'm going to start dinner I thought I would place them in a spotlight here on my blog

The first one is made by Camilla Hermansson and the second by Camilla S. Bakke, who are both DT members of Magnolia
I been following their work for a couple of years now, but these creations go so well together.... with the sweet soft yellow and the off white and grey pastel colors

Both ladies used an image from the Magnolia Tilda Animals Of The Year collection
For more beautiful and stunning creations by both Camilla's visit their blogs

Camilla Hermansson blog
Camilla S. Bakke blog

I'm going to start dinner... and the vegetable soybean based Strawberry and Rhubarb yogurt popsicles are in the freezer, pictures will follow soon
Fingers crossed and lets pray it works,


The new Tilda doll from the upcoming collections......... Tiny Treasures & Happiness is Homemade

I would like to show you the new Tilda doll from the two upcoming collections Tiny Treasures and Happiness is Homemade
Personally I (and many of my fellow Tilda fans) hope that this is just a one time thing because we don't really like this version of Tone Finnangers Tilda dolls

But the fabrics are beautiful once again and the idea for the doll is lovely (just not this version of the doll)
But what I'm going to do is use a standard Tilda doll pattern and create my own version, because I love the colors of the new fabrics and the idea of a Tilda doll with scissors 
She can be my little sewing assistant and keep me company while I'm behind my sewing machine 
I really want to get started on my own version now, hihi

Have sunny day,

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Come fly away with me

Before I'm going to bed I wanted to share my latest Tilda by Tone Finnanger creation... a hot air balloon made with the fabrics of the 'All that is spring' collection Now the hot air balloon is my own creation (it's not in any of the Tilda books), but the tiny bunny is a Tilda creation which you can find on Tone's own blog
The photos were made in the evening so the quality isn't the best quality, but you get the idea, right ;)

So are you ready to fly away with me!?
much love Corianne

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Can you guess what this is going to be?

Beautiful Tilda fabric from the 'All that is spring' collection by Tone Finnanger, a button, white felt, Tilda natural string, a crochet basket and a pattern.... 
can you guess what this is going to be!?

Have lovely sunny day,
much love Corianne

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Magnolia World Wide Web collection

Good news and sad news for us Magnolia Tilda fans!
Tilda Edwin Magnolia is going to stop with the Magnolia Ink magazine... only one more issue around Christmas and only in English

But then the good news... a sneak peek from the new WORLD WIDE WEB collection, how cool is that!?
I certainly can't wait for this collection 

much love Corianne

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Which one would you choose

Vanilla cupcake with whip cream, 
a strawberry filling and strawberries on top

Vanilla cupcake with whip cream, 
a lemon curd filling and lime on top

Earlier today I placed a blog post about finding the perfect basic recipe for making cupcakes on the site called Laura's Bakery and promised you guys pictures
Well here they are... one with a strawberry filling and the other with a lemon curd filling

Which one would you choose!? ;)

Have lovely evening, much love Corianne

Basisrecept vanille cupcakes

Een goed recept voor vanille cupcakes moet iedereen eigenlijk hebben. Met dit recept kun je eindeloos variëren in allerlei smaken. Een goed begin is het halve werk kan ik eigenlijk wel zeggen. De basis voor dit recept is hetzelfde als dat voor de vanillecake, alleen heb ik de hoeveelheden in dit recept zo aangepast dat je er precies 12 cupcakes van kunt maken. Dan hoef je niet de oven aan te laten staan voor nog één of twee vanille cupcakes. Handig toch?
Ingrediënten (voor 12 vanille cupcakes)
  • 180 gram boter
  • 135 gram suiker
  • 8 gram vanillesuiker
  • 4 eieren
  • 180 gram zelfrijzend bakmeel
  • snufje zout
Mix in een kom de boter, suiker en vanillesuiker romig. Voeg de eieren één voor één toe en blijf mixen tot deze goed zijn opgenomen.
Voeg het zout en zelfrijzend bakmeel beetje bij beetje toe, mix tot een luchtig beslag.
Verdeel het beslag over de vormpjes en bak de cupcakes in 20 minuten op 175 graden gaar.
Handig recept nietwaar? Fijn is ook dat je dit recept als basis kunt gebruiken voor heel veel verschillende smaken cupcakes. Voor een overzicht van alle soorten cupcakes op Laura’s Bakery kijk je hier, de meesten zijn aan de hand van dit recept voor vanille cupcakes gemaakt.
Van dit recept maak je heel eenvoudig chocolade cupcakes, voeg hiervoor 4 eetlepels cacaopoeder toe (tegelijk met zelfrijzend bakmeel) aan het recept. Ook is het lekker om stukjes chocola door het beslag te doen.

As you can see is the blog message above not in English and it's not mine either. This time I wanted to share the perfect basic recipe for vanilla cupcakes I found while searching the internet and come across Laura's Bakery and there it was.... the perfect recipe!
What was even more perfect.... NO MILK!! :) Perfect because I'm lactose intolerant, haha :P So all credit goes to Laura and I would like to say a great big THANK YOU to Laura for her wonderful website, which has more delicious recipes and much much more :)
So today I've tried her basic vanilla cupcake recipe for the very first time and they came out pretty good... I have to use a lower tempature next time because they burst a little bit, but still delicious... I had to taste one of course, I couldn't wait any longer ;)
The rest I'm going to fill with lemon curd and the other half with the strawberry 'jam' my lovely neighbour made, which is so yummy!
Pictures will follow soon ;)
Have a sunny day,
much love Corianne

Monday, May 12, 2014

New Tilda (by Tone Finnanger) collection coming soon

A new Tilda (by Tone Finnanger) collection is coming pretty soon
Here are a few pictures to give you an impression
I'm not so sure about the doll though, but I am looking forward to Tone's new book

much love Corianne