Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sighhhhhhh !!

Don't you just LOVE this "Cabinet To Remember" by Riviera Maison !? I know I do, haha... but no room for it or the money, hahaha.... lol !! =P But a girl can dream right !? ; )

And have you seen this movie.... great film called "Burlesque" with Cher & Christina Aguilera, fantastic songs !
I bought the DVD and the CD which I'm playing over and over again ; ) It's sexy and a real art to do this burlesque thing.

Anyways.... I just wanted to say.... WELCOME to my new followers I hope will enjoy this blog ! = )
Wishing everyone a nice evening........... hugs all around,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Magnolia Treasure Book (Magnolia event 5)

(see tutorials)

Today I can finally show you the Magnolia Treasure Book from the Magnolia event 5 by Paper&Pictures in Doorn, now I wasn't there for the workshop but Truike send it to me.... thanks Truike ; )
The pages in this book are open so you can put all kind of treasures in it.

Have a nive evening.....
(sorry for the bad quility of the pictures bad light when you take pictures in the evening, haha)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sometimes you're in luck ! = )

copyright Riviera Maison

Sometimes you're in luck.... and so was I today, because I went to Intratuin (garden center) and ALWAYS have look at the Riviera Maison section (I can't help it... I'm addicted, haha)
Now I've loved these Rustic Rattan file baskets for sooooo long and guess what.... today they were 2 for the price of 1.... aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh..... so you can understand that I couldn't pass by this oppertunity, right girls !? =P (wink, wink)

And except from an aaaaaaaaaahhhhh moment there also was an yeeeeeeaaaaahhh moment, because when I got home the postman delivered the new Magnolia "Rainbow" collection stamps !!! = )
Wow.... 2 Rustic Rattan file baskets for the price of 1, the new Magnolia "Rainbow" collection stamps and the sun is shinning on top of that.................... life can be FANTASTIC ; )

I do feel spoiled though (blush).... but if you don't tickle yourself from time to time, then who will !? ; )

Hope everyone has a great day just like me and I'm giving everyone a big hug....


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pirates of the Carribean on stranger tides

Don't you just love the Pirates of the Carribean movies !?!? = )
I can't wait for the new movie "...... on stranger tides" to come out on DVD, so I can watch it over & over again.
Johnny Depp is such a fantastic actor... he & he alone can play "captain" Jack Sparrow.
Who's your favorite actor..... and what's your favorite movie !?

Have a nice day......

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pre-order Magnolia Ink magazine 3-2011 (Dutch version) and more....

All Magnolia fans pay attention.... you can now pre-order the new Dutch version of the Magnolia Ink magazine number 3-2011 at Creashop-Duymelot
Be quick before they are sold out again !! ; )

And when you're there... don't forget to also pre-order Nicole Verkooijen's new book "Nicole's Stamp Addiction" just because she's such a sweet lady ; )

Oh and you can also pre-order de new Magnolia stamp collection "Sweet Rainbow"

Have fun shopping...............

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TEST: What kind of dog would you be !?

Hey everyone, I was just watching Dr. Phil and you guys should really do this test and see what kind of dog you would be, haha.... I'm a German Shepherd, hahaha.... lol !! =P
Let me know what kind of dog you are and if they are right about the type of dog = )
It takes just a few minutes.... there are about 7 questions..... have fun....


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring clean

Hello my dear blog followers & visitors.... pfff the last few days have been a hectic time over here because they started on the new garden, so no time for anything creative.
And now it's time for spring clean and let me tell you it is necessary.... hmmm that happens when you leave your windows open upstairs at the same time that they are cutting the stones =/ (blush)
Hahahaha =P
Oh well....... now I finally have a good excuse to organize all of my hobby stuff ; )

So no new creations from me..... but I do visit all of your blogs when I have a moment = )
Have a lovely weekend and a great big hug from me for all of you guys !!