Friday, December 28, 2012

New look...

First of all I hope you have or had a great new years eve
and wishing you a fantastic 2013
Today I started to color in the rst of the Magnolia With Love Collection, now aren't they cute or what !?
I just don't know which one to color in first ;)

Have you seen the big sharpener....
I bought it at the KreaDoe but forgot to take a picture
When I saw it I just had to have it
because it looks perfect in my craftroom ;)

By the way, sorry for the poor quality of the photo...
I dropped my camera a couple of weeks ago (very smart)and now the "stupid" thing isn't working properly
The good news... I asked money for my birthday
so I can buy a new camera and hopefully make better pictures!

And last but not least my blog...
it looks totally different doesn't it ;)
I felt it was time for something completely different,
therefore a new background, header and layout
Hope you like it, I do ;)


Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's almost Christmas.....

To all my dear followers and friends....
thank you for visiting my blog,
leaving me lovely comments and emails !
I hope everybody has a wonderful Christmas = )


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A couple more days.....

I just ordered my copy of the new Magnolia Ink magazine....
or is a newspaper this time !?
we are getting another free gift with the magazine....
and have you seen the new "with love" collection !?
If not see previous blog message = )
Stores are trying to get them before Christmas,
you can pre order them now though
Until next time.....


Monday, December 17, 2012

Magnolia with love collection 2012.....

click for larger image

May I present you...... my favorite Magnolia images from the new "with Love 2012" collection !!
Now my birthday is this Friday so if anyone can't think of a present..... uch uch - hint hint - wink wink
No just kidding, I'm asking money as always and the collection is only on pre sale, but ohhhhhh I have fallen in love with this new images Get it fallen in love.... the with love collection, hihi ; )

Monday, December 10, 2012

Fall in love with these stars made of stone....

Last Saturday I saw these stars made of stone and when I got home I kicked myself for not buying them, so first thing Monday morning when the shops opened (yes I was the first, haha)
I went back and bought them.
There's no way I could make them myself.... not me, haha ; )

I mentioned I was the first, what was so weird because 80% of the store was still dark and here I was browsing through the store in the dark with personnel looking at me like what's that, whahaha =P

Anyways I wanted to share these stars with you guys..... I'm slowly getting ready for Christmas = )


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Magnolia with Love collection.....

These stamped images are from the new Magnolia kit (stamp club), now I don't have them.... but I want them !!
This pictures was taken by Vicki Quinn one of my Magnolia friends @Magnolia World (Facebook)
So all credit goes to her for showing us these new images...... and boy are they CUTE !!
Have you seen the one of Cupid with his naked bum bum, hihihihi
Ohhh I can't hardly wait 'till they get released to the stores ! Sighhhhh

Thanks again Vicki !! = )

One hour free parking.....

I guess the KPN expected Sinterklaas to do some last minute shopping
and made an one hour free parking spot for his horse Amerigo !! ;P


Monday, December 03, 2012

Jason with short hair.....

In with the short hair..... and out with the long hair !
Jason Momoa got a fresh clean haircut for a new upcoming movie role.
Earlier this year he mentioned that he was cutting his hair and the whole crowd went.... NO !!!
(come on ladies it's just hair and it grows back, hihi)
Back then he couldn't tell us more about the role, but things will be revealed soon ; )

I guess it was time for something different..... he had short hair before (Baywatch Hawaii), then long hair (Baywatch movie), dreadlocks (Stargate Atlantis), long hair for a couple of his movies and now back to short hair, only this time without the babyface, haha... which he had in his Baywatch years =P

So filming Bullet to the head is done, filming Wolves... done, his own movie Road to Paloma.... done, hmmmmm I think it's about time we get to see/watch the final result !!!
We waited long enough.......... don't you agree !?!? ; )


Thursday, November 08, 2012

Magnolia Nativity collection (Christmas stable)....

The new Magnolia Nativity collection is just too cute....
because I wanted to make a real Magnolia Christmas stable representing the birth of Christ.

I bought a real stable and removed the figurines and replaced them with those of the Nativity collection, leaving only the manger to give it a "real" effect.

Let Christmas time begin I would say ; )

The three.... uhhh two (?) wise men

One of the angels send from heaven....
(it's hard to see but the wings and halo's really shine !)

Baby Jesus in his manger with his mother Maria and his father Josef

Shepherds that came to visit, bringing their flock for warmth....

One of the other angels.....

I hope you like this new creation.... that's full of love ! = )

Friday, November 02, 2012

KreaDoe 2012..... part 2

As promissed.... the pictures I took from the Magnolia stand
at the KreaDoe this year.
I love this banner.... wish I had one,
I mean come on it would like fantastic in my room, haha ; )

Some of the gorgeous creations the design team members made

It's always busy at the Magnolia stand......

Tina (Magnolia design team member) stopped by all the way from Germany to meet the people from Magnolia and gave them her creations = )

More creations of the design team members....

John and Barbro from Magnolia

Well I hope you enjoyed the impression, now I need to start saving again, haha =P
Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment.... I love to hear your thoughts, as always ! = )

Thursday, November 01, 2012

KreaDoe 2012.... part 1

The photographer finally had a chance to take a picture of me without me realizing he was there, hahahaha
Don't get me wrong I don't think I'm all that, but for some reason he was popping up everywhere I was ??
(was he following me ????)
Anyways, my mom and me had a fantastic time.... and I took a couple of pictures from the Magnolia stand.
(I'll have to upload them when I have a moment)

I did take a picture of Tina one of the Magnolia design team members = )
I wasn't sure at first if it was her, but I asked her when I send her an email yesterday.
Tina I got your email and will send you a copy ; )

Anyways, I hope no more pictures of me pop up the next few days....
(I don't really like to have my picture taken, got that from my mom, hahaha)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Magnolia Ink with free stamp....

The new edition of Magnolia Ink will be in stores pretty soon and this time you get a free stamp !
I pre ordered myself a copy a few days ago and it should arrive this week, ohhh I can't hardly wait and I'm curious to see which stamp we get for free = )
Free stuff is always good.... hey I'm Dutch, we Dutch people can't help it... it's in our blood, haha =P

Just a few more days and then I'm off to the big hobby fair, called KreaDoe, here in Holland.
Magnolia will be there as well, so when I get a chance I'll take a couple of pictures ; )

That's it for today I think... if not then I will be back.
Have a lovely Sunday....

Monday, October 22, 2012

On the set of "Wolves" with Jason Momoa.....

               Cynthia Loyst                         Jason Momoa

Something different this time.... as a "fan" of Jason Momoa I'm really looking forward to his new movies.
One of them is called "Wolves" where Jason plays a werewolf... hmmmm curious to know what he will look like, this picture was taken on set together with Cynthia Loyst.
All I can see is the grey in his beard and hair....

Another movie is called "Bullet to the head" with Sylvester Stalone

Bullet to the head trailer # 1

Like I was saying, I'm looking forward to his new movies.... is it 2013 yet !? ; )

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Eliné Owls (by my mom)....

All these cards are made by my mom... just right click on the picture and select the option to open the picture in a new window and you'll can watch the picture in it's origianl size

We hope you guys liked them and got inspired a little bit !?