Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tilda Reindeer & Christmas Angel

Tilda Christmas Angel 80cm ( Tilda's Winterwonderland )

Tilda Reindeer ( Tilda's winterwonderland )

I've been busy the last few days, but finally finished making my latest two Tilda projects.... the Christmas Angel ( approximately 80cm ) and the Reindeer, both taken from Tone Finnanger's book "Tilda's Winterwonderland"
I just had to put the final touches on the Reindeer, like the bell on his antler and the berries and I still had to put strass stones on the shoes of the Christmas Angel.... but they are ready to celebrate New Year, hahaha ; )
Have a wonderful and safe New Year and I'll see you all in 2010..... with more Tilda projects and much more !!
Love Corianne

Tilda Summer Ideas 2010

New Book...... "Tilda's Summer Ideas" ( Language: English )
This is Tone Finnanger's brand new booklet for Spring and Summer 2009.
40 pages of beautifully-photographed, easy to follow Tilda projects, using fabrics and papers from the two new collections, "Flowergarden" & "Kitchengarden".
Spring and summer are just around the corner and in this book you will find ideas for Kitchen and Garden Angels, a variety of colourful garlands, traditional Swedish Dala horses and some lovely papercraft ideas to help bring some sun and summer into your home!
Release date: January/February 2010
Love Corianne ( I can't wait, hahaha )

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Voor al mijn vrienden en hun familie.... hele fijne feestdagen en een goed 2010
Liefs Corianne xoxo
In English
To all my friends and their family.... Merry Christmas and a good 2010
Love Corianne xoxo

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tilda Country Girl Sisters

Een tijdje geleden had ik al de ene Tilda Country Girl pop gemaakt, maar op alle Tilda Country Girl producten staan altijd twee versies...... dus heb ik ook de andere versie gemaakt !!
De andere versie heeft laarsjes aan maar die bestaan niet van Tilda, dus heb ik ze zelf gemaakt van rood vilt..... door gewoon het patroon van de benen te nemen en ze een halve centimeter groter te maken.
Verder had ik nog een mini zinken emmertje en heb deze opgevuld met piepschuim en daar boven op een cirkel glossy fotopapier te plakken..... zo lijkt het net melk. Op haar schort zit weer een lief klein bij'tje.
In English
A little while ago I made one version of the Tilda Country Girl doll, but on every Tilda Country Girl article you see two versions...... so I made the other version as well !!
The other version has boots on but those don't exist from Tilda, so I made them myself from red felt..... by using the patern for the legs and make it a half centimeter bigger.
I also used a mini zinc bucket filled it up with polystyrene foam and placed a circle of glossy photopaper on top........ this way it looks like milk. On the apron I placed a sweet little bee again.
Love Corianne

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Tilda Sewing Box

De postbode heeft weer eens wat leuks gebracht....... de Tilda Sewing Box,
zo kan ik tenminste al mijn Tilda spullentjes netjes opbergen.
The postman brought something nice again...... the Tilda Sewing Box,
that way I can at least store my Tilda stuff.

Love Corianne