Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Christmas stuff.....

Look what I found this time in our local garden center.....
a reindeer !! = )
I also found some soft pink pinecone Christmas tree ornaments

hmmmm.... they are soft pink I promiss, haha ; )
When I saw the reindeer I immediately thought ohhh Eline Pellinkhof has got reindeer creations in her new "Eline's Winterhuis" (Eline's Winterhouse) book..... PERFECT !!

And a new fresh white bouquet.....
oh not from the local garden center by the way but from my favorite local florist ! =P


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finally they were open.....

They are so gorgeous these passion flowers, aren't they !?!?
I've been trying to photograph them for a couple of weeks now,
but everytime I walked by the flowers were closed....
not this time though = )

I bought them myself the last time I was at our local garden center for half price ! These however I saw growing through someone gate when I went for a walk one day to get my strenght back after the operation. But like I said everytime I wanted to photograph the flowers they were closed and passion flowers only grow until the end of September they say, haha so just in time... right =P

Hopefully my passion flower will have the same gorgeous flowers next year !? ; ) I just really love this plant..... those cute little "curly fingers" with which the plant holds on to everything so it can grow.... they look funny, like the spring in a clothespeg, haha.... and they are strong as well
(see first picture on the bottom/middle of the photo)


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Time to celebrate......

Hmmmm delicious... the Magnum GOLD,
we just celebrated the fact that we are now cleaning the wound once a day instead of twice a day !! = )
Although I don't need an "excuse" to eat a Magnum, hahahaha =P


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Too early for a Christmas tree....... !?!?

Hmmm.... I guess it's too early for a Christmas tree,
isn't it !?!? =P
I was just at our local garden center (Intratuin) where they are getting everything ready for Christmas.... for Christmas !?!?.... yes for Christmas !!
I know it's just September but I love it when stores are getting ready for Christmas =P
Although the end of October or the beginning of November would be early enough, don't you agree !?

Anyways, for the last 3 years I was too late for the right seize soft pink Christmas (balls) ornaments, but not this year..... hahaha.... now I finally got my soft pink balls, haha =P
The smaller ones are a different shade of light pink and taupe..... perfect for my new room !! ; )

Speaking of my room........... I need to get painting again ! = )
But I just had to show you guys the Christmas balls first, haha......


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Magnolia Sweet Dreams Christmas Collection 2011......

Ohhhhh isn't she cute..... the new "Magnolia Sweet Dreams Christmas Collection 2011" coming soon !


Borders are painted.....

I've just finished painting the borders around the bare wall and now it's time for..... coffee !! = )
I was just in the garden giving a few plants some water and saw this.....

...... uhhhh no it's not a garden ornament, haha it's a real toad or is it a frog !?!?
I can never tell the difference ; )


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One wall is finally bare......

Pffffff..... one wall is finally bare, please buy a good stripping liquid when stripping wallpaper !!
I bought this product from a brand called OneParel and it SUCKS let me tell you, just buy good old Perfax.

You only need two small bottle caps of this stuff in 2,5 litre of water and 200ml of the "none working" stuff and then it still doesn't work =/ It makes the job so must easier when you use Perfax stripping liquid  ; )

Tomorrow I'm painting the borders around the bare wall first and then when the paint had time to dry ask my mom to help me wallpaper the first wall ! = )
When that's finished move everything back into it's place and start moving all the stuff and furniture on the other side of the room, haha.... and start again =P


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nature can be beautiful and cruel at the same time......

On Sunday I already showed you guys these gorgeous Dutch roses and now two days later they are getting open which makes them even more beautiful, don't you agree !?
I just love to photograph them......

..... then I went into the garden and saw this huge bumblebee, because this one was I think 3cm's while other bumblebees are about 1cm big.... it had "trouble" walking on the flowers to get nectar, haha ; ) Did you know bumblebees could get this big !?!?

And then I saw this huge spider, also about 3cm's big that had caught a wasp for breakfast !
Yes.... nature can be beautiful and cruel at the same time ; )


Monday, September 19, 2011

Back from the check up.....

Back again from my check up in the hospital......
and the doctor was very pleased ! = )
He also said that it was a very good sign that we are using smaller catheters now (went from a 12 to a 8) and when we are cleaning the wound there's basicly no yukkie stuff anymore but more blood.
This because the body makes new blood vessels when the wound is almost clean and healthy and they are still so fragile these blood vessels they bleed very easily.....

We need to keep cleaning the wound and keep using this product called Kaltostat,
it looks like a piece of felt and it's algae based.....

Kaltostat pulls the bacteria out of the wound and even kills it !!
So hurray for Kaltostat.... I'm so grateful that the "girls" from Aafje came up with the idea to start using this product because just rinsing out the wound wasn't enough
and it would even take longer.
They have a lot more experience dealing with wound then a surgeon,
because they are useually nurses them selves
and they do the after-care.... not the surgeon ; )
And they also have two wound experts, so if they need advice they can always ask one of the experts.

The next check up is 4 weeks from now.... can't wait to see what the wound looks like then = )


Got to sneeze.......

Hatsjoe....... sorry got to sneeze I've got a bit of a cold ! =(
Luckily I don't feel sick or anything just my nasal cavities are closed up from time to time..... and then a runny nose or a sneeze.
I think there was a bit of draft in my wound.... hahaha =P

Anyways this afternoon it's time again for a new check up in the hospital.... very curious to hear what he has to say and if they are going to do another test to see if the bacteria is still there or not !? The wound looks very clean these last couple of days and there's basicly no yukkie stuff coming out more blood and that's a good sign they say, that means the tissue inside the wound is basicly clean and healthy ! Fingers crossed for me !! ; )

Hoping the new HobbyHanding 163 magazine is out because it contains lovely creations from the Eline's Winterhuis collection !!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

How beautiful a rose can be.....

Aren't they gorgeous these pure Dutch roses !?!?
Oh how beautiful a rose can be.....
and it makes you proud to be Dutch ; )
This time I bought them on my favorite market store and I love roses as you know especially when they are extra strong roses that last at least a week (for sure)

my favorite market store


Friday, September 16, 2011

What do you think......

So what do you think should I get some curls !?
Hmmmm..... no better not, but it is time for a visit to the hairdresser today.... finally !
The last time my hairdresser was so sweet to come to my place (because of that stupid gall bladder) so I looked good going to the hospital, haha.... and that's been over 2 months now =/
Normally I have "spiky hair" and there's no way I can create "spikes" with my hair this "long" ; )

So I'm going to treat myself with a visit to the hairdresser today
and also to "celebrate" that there's almost no yukkie stuff coming out of the wound anymore
and we are using thinner catheters since last night !! = )

Oh and I'm making a new creation.....
but you have to wait until it's finished =P

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TOMIC top 5 (challenge #14)......

I mentioned in my previous message that I made the top 5 in the TOMIC challenge #14
with my "Magnolia Edwin & Tilda a day at the seaside"
I just received the official badge from Magnolia.....
wow I became second *blush*.... thanks you guys ! = )


Started to remove the old wallpaper.....

This afternoon I started to remove the old wallpaper..... now the large pieces are easy to remove, but I have to remove everything even the older wallpaper that was still sitting underneath.
It all has to be concrete because the new wallpaper is fleece wallpaper.... oh well at least we have something to do.

By the way I could use all of your good luck wishes because I can win this "Hyannis Port Bench" by Riviera Maison.....
and I want it soooooo bad !! =P
I'm hoping.....wishing..... praying and keeping my fingers crossed until October 13th, not easy typing by the way, haha ; )
Speaking about winning I made the TOMIC top 5 (challenge #14) this week with my "Magnolia Edwin & Tilda a day at the seaside......"


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I need a cup of coffee......

Ok I need a cup of coffee....
pffff what a morning it has been so far !
It all started when I wanted to take a shower and all of a sudden the water was cut off.... not it's not that we haven't paid the bill, hahaha.... but they are working on the sewers in this neighbourhood.
There I was standing in the shower with a head full of shampoo and NO WATER !!!! =(
I was lucky to have bottled water (in the fridge, brrrr) but do you know how COLD it is to wash yourself with plain cold water..... blèhhhh =P

Anyways.... I did a good deed today... yep, I saved a bumblebee from a spiderweb ! = )
I just got home and saw the bumblebee struggle to get out, but the more they do that the more they get stuck.
So I got a piece of twig and pulled the bumblebee out.... placed it on a leave and after the bumblebee cleaned of its wings and leggs he flew away to collect more pollen = )

I know spiders have to eat as well, but eat those annoying mosquitoes or those dirty bluebottles in stead.

And last but not least a new bouquet of flowers....
I wanted white flowers again and this one was the only one at the florist, later I realized that the white anthurium has a special meaning..... anthuriums are used for funerals etc.
And what a coincidence because today it's exactly 1 year ago that my sweet dear old grandma passed away.
So I dedicate this bouqet to her ! = )

p.s. I had that cup of coffee in the meantime....
now it's time for a second one and to relax ; )

Monday, September 12, 2011

Painting again......

Finally the new door was ready to be painted white (and how beautiful white can be) so that's what I did today....

I bought a CanDo Calgary door about two months ago, but because of the operation it had to wait.
But now that I'm feeling better and have more energy I first painted the door post taupe last week.....

..... and today the door itself ! = )
I love to paint and wallpaper (with help from my sweet mom) and everything looks new when you give your home a "little make-over"... don't you guys agree ?? ; )
And the last time I did it was more then 10 years ago, so it was about time, haha =P

I have lots more to paint and I still need to wallpaper two walls, but we will get there one step at a time.
A bit of painting.... rest... paint some more.... rest again.... etc, etc..... ; )


Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sometimes you're in luck.......

Sometimes you're in luck..... I was on my way to the shops when I saw this "old" coal-scattle complete with poker, shovel and a coaltong standing on the street ready to be picked up by the garbage man !!
Luckily I know the people who put the coal-scattle out on the street, so I went to the door... rang their door bell and ask them if they were really trowing the coal-scattle away.
(just making sure, haha)
And they were... so now it's mine ! = )

As you know love "old" stuff (brocante) so I'm really happy, like I said sometimes you're in luck ; )

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Beautiful little gift.....

A beautiful little gift from a friend.... warms your soul ! = )
Looks perfect next/underneath the white bouquet
I bought on Monday ; )
I just love the little white pearl drops (stones) on the bottom of the glass yar, it just gives it that final touch.
By the way I entered the seaside creation in the TOMIC challenge...
I really hope I win and this time can keep the prize ! ; )

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Magnolia Edwin & Tilda a day at the seaside......

It's a rainy day today but not in Magnolia land where Edwin and Tilda went to the seaside to do some fishing.
I don't think the fish want to bite by the look on Edwin's face ; )
Now this creation isn't really finished, because I know I have a little glass jar with a cork... like these
but I have to find them first, hèhè.... =P I want to place it next to Edwin and place two fish bones in it... as a joke that the only thing he finds are fish bones and not one fish, haha.
This because Edwin looks a bit bored ; )
I placed real sand and some lace as seafoam that hits the shore
In the back you see a fish on a clothespeg where you can place for example a little card or a little envelope with some birthday money.
Tilda comes over to help Edwin and brought some sandwiches for lunch
I've entered this creation in the TOMIC challenge #14
"Make your own background"

Monday, September 05, 2011

White bouquet..... so simple but so beautiful !

How a simple white bouquet can be so beautiful !
Don't you agree !?
Just went to the florist for a new bouquet and saw this beuatiful bouquet, thought I would share it with you guys on this strange windy, rainy and from time to time sunny day ; )


Sunday, September 04, 2011

My dream house

copyright Ad Bakker
In my previous message I was dreaming about a ginger cat called Dikkie Dik or Ginger the "je-weet-wel" (the "you-know-what"... he's fixed) cat, a Siamese cat called Loedertje and a dachshund called Lotje. They all would have their own bowl from Riviera Maison, haha... but I forgot my dreams house !!
And this is it, it's near where I really live and it's such a sweet little house with water at the back of the house, with a little garden and even a place for bunnies (I also love bunnies) to run around in... I always have loved it since I was a kid and I still do ; )  Now I don't have real pictures of this house, maybe one day I will go up their and ask the people who live there for permission or not and take pictures without them knowing, haha =P On the place where this house was built was an old water mill at first.....
...... things have changed a bit haven't they ; )
But the house has a little replica of the water mill on it's "roof", if you look closely you can see it in the drawing which was made by a very nice man called Ad Bakker, he makes gorgeous art work and is so talented I think ! = )
Anyways you don't have to guess with which "brand" I would decorate my dream house.... hmmmm !?!? =P
Now I have no idea what the price is for a house like this (maybe I don't want to know, haha) but I can still dream, right !? ; )

Friday, September 02, 2011

My first cup of coffee since the operation = )

Ohhh how life can be sweet..... I had my first cup of coffee since the operation and it tasted fantastic ! = )
And I can even eat chocolate again, hmmmmm..... heavenly =P

By the way the new collection by Riviera Maison is out now and I saw this picture on their website....
a lovely range of cat & dog products, just wish this very cute kitty was for sale haha ; )
I just love a ginger kitty and call him Dikkie Dik after the Dutch ginger cat on Sesame Street or the "you know what" cat in Jan Jans en de kinderen, in that case can I get a Loedertje and a Lotje as well, hahaha

Lotje - Rode Kater - Loedertje

So that would look something like this.....

And all have their own Riviera Maison bowl, hahaha.... oh well a girl can dream right !? =P
By the way I still like to read the comic "Jan Jans en de kinderen" in the Dutch magazine called Libelle at my moms ; )