Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finally they were open.....

They are so gorgeous these passion flowers, aren't they !?!?
I've been trying to photograph them for a couple of weeks now,
but everytime I walked by the flowers were closed....
not this time though = )

I bought them myself the last time I was at our local garden center for half price ! These however I saw growing through someone gate when I went for a walk one day to get my strenght back after the operation. But like I said everytime I wanted to photograph the flowers they were closed and passion flowers only grow until the end of September they say, haha so just in time... right =P

Hopefully my passion flower will have the same gorgeous flowers next year !? ; ) I just really love this plant..... those cute little "curly fingers" with which the plant holds on to everything so it can grow.... they look funny, like the spring in a clothespeg, haha.... and they are strong as well
(see first picture on the bottom/middle of the photo)



Helga said...

Wat een onwijs mooie foto!!! Een passiebloem is zo bijzonder. Ken jij trouwens de betekenis van alle delen van de bloem, zoals "vingers"?

CorianneDesign said...

Nee.... !?!?!? Vertel, vertel !! = ) Ben er benieuwd ; )

Liefs Corianne