Monday, September 19, 2011

Back from the check up.....

Back again from my check up in the hospital......
and the doctor was very pleased ! = )
He also said that it was a very good sign that we are using smaller catheters now (went from a 12 to a 8) and when we are cleaning the wound there's basicly no yukkie stuff anymore but more blood.
This because the body makes new blood vessels when the wound is almost clean and healthy and they are still so fragile these blood vessels they bleed very easily.....

We need to keep cleaning the wound and keep using this product called Kaltostat,
it looks like a piece of felt and it's algae based.....

Kaltostat pulls the bacteria out of the wound and even kills it !!
So hurray for Kaltostat.... I'm so grateful that the "girls" from Aafje came up with the idea to start using this product because just rinsing out the wound wasn't enough
and it would even take longer.
They have a lot more experience dealing with wound then a surgeon,
because they are useually nurses them selves
and they do the after-care.... not the surgeon ; )
And they also have two wound experts, so if they need advice they can always ask one of the experts.

The next check up is 4 weeks from now.... can't wait to see what the wound looks like then = )


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