Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Started to remove the old wallpaper.....

This afternoon I started to remove the old wallpaper..... now the large pieces are easy to remove, but I have to remove everything even the older wallpaper that was still sitting underneath.
It all has to be concrete because the new wallpaper is fleece wallpaper.... oh well at least we have something to do.

By the way I could use all of your good luck wishes because I can win this "Hyannis Port Bench" by Riviera Maison.....
and I want it soooooo bad !! =P
I'm hoping.....wishing..... praying and keeping my fingers crossed until October 13th, not easy typing by the way, haha ; )
Speaking about winning I made the TOMIC top 5 (challenge #14) this week with my "Magnolia Edwin & Tilda a day at the seaside......"


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