Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One wall is finally bare......

Pffffff..... one wall is finally bare, please buy a good stripping liquid when stripping wallpaper !!
I bought this product from a brand called OneParel and it SUCKS let me tell you, just buy good old Perfax.

You only need two small bottle caps of this stuff in 2,5 litre of water and 200ml of the "none working" stuff and then it still doesn't work =/ It makes the job so must easier when you use Perfax stripping liquid  ; )

Tomorrow I'm painting the borders around the bare wall first and then when the paint had time to dry ask my mom to help me wallpaper the first wall ! = )
When that's finished move everything back into it's place and start moving all the stuff and furniture on the other side of the room, haha.... and start again =P


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