Monday, September 19, 2011

Got to sneeze.......

Hatsjoe....... sorry got to sneeze I've got a bit of a cold ! =(
Luckily I don't feel sick or anything just my nasal cavities are closed up from time to time..... and then a runny nose or a sneeze.
I think there was a bit of draft in my wound.... hahaha =P

Anyways this afternoon it's time again for a new check up in the hospital.... very curious to hear what he has to say and if they are going to do another test to see if the bacteria is still there or not !? The wound looks very clean these last couple of days and there's basicly no yukkie stuff coming out more blood and that's a good sign they say, that means the tissue inside the wound is basicly clean and healthy ! Fingers crossed for me !! ; )

Hoping the new HobbyHanding 163 magazine is out because it contains lovely creations from the Eline's Winterhuis collection !!

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