Monday, August 29, 2011

Riviera Maison new arrivals

The new arrivals from Riviera Maison are online and I just ordered the new agenda 2012.....

.... the very first Riviera Maison book....

...... the very first calender 2012.....
Now I knew all of these three products were coming, so I saved up..... thanks Henk (CEO Riviera Maison) for the heads up ! = )

..... but I didn't know these were coming, lovely soaps
(there are different scents)
I choose the pink "romantic rose".... well it's pink isn't it, haha and I love the smell of roses =P

Now I do have to wait 2-3 weeks.....
I'm so looking forward to this parcel to arrive ; )
copyright by Riviera Maison


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Magnolia Tilda playing tennis

Today I made my first creation after the operation....
I love the new Magnolia "The Winner Takes It All" stamp collection and this time I used the Tilda playing tennis.

Used soft colors such as... light blues, greys, yellows and soft light browns.

Here's a close up.... hope you like it !? ; )
Thanks for dropping by again.....


Thursday, August 25, 2011

If you have a sweet tooth just like me (haha) you really should buy this Foodies Special magazine full with delicious recipes.... guaranteed to make your mouth water !! =P
I saw this magazine at the supermarket when I went for a walk
(I need a goal)
Now I went for a pretty "long" walk.... well "long" for me, haha and just got home a half an hour ago basicly looking like this......

....... dog tired.... uhhhhh I mean "cat" tired, haha... pffff my energy level is zero point zero at the moment.
I know it takes time to get back to where you were after an operation, but it still surprises me everytime !

Anyways, tomorrow another check up at the hospital.... curious to hear if they now know the lab results,
if they know what kind of bacteria it is maybe they have something (like medication) to help my body "kill" this bacteria so I'm healed quicker !?
It's already taken me three to four weeks and I want to paint and wallpaper my room, haha !! =P



For those who would like to know how things are going.... well first of all I'm feeling better since yesterday.
As you all know I was feeling a bit down for a few days, had a good cry (*blush*, haha) and after that I was feeling much better.
It's been such a rollercoaster that a good cry from time to time can help ! ; ) Since Monday we started to clean the wound from deeper within the wound with a syringe and a long catheter.... fortunately the catheter doesn't hurt at all = )
When we first started on Monday almost all of the catheter went in and it's a.... oh about 25cm long catheter, this morning about 10cm was still sticking out so that means that the wound is getting smaller and is healing from within like it's suppose to do = )

Oh something funny..... next to the wound I had a smaller wound... just half a centimetre and that one healed on it's own... just a tiny little hole was left. Now along the scare (underneath the skin) between the wound we are cleaning and that tiny little hole is tunnel and when the nurse is cleaning the wound and presses down on the syringe....... it looks like I sprung a leak, whahaha.... lol !! =P
Really funny to see this tiny little fountain ; )

Anyways... I'm going to try to get creative again today....
stamp a few new Magnolia stamps and mabye make a card or something !?

Thanks for dropping by......

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Feeling a bit down....

I'm feeling a bit down from time to time for the last three days =/
I think I'm mentally "exhausted".... looking back it all started a week before the operation with trying to catch a mouse for a week (not sleeping), then the operation.... laying in the hospital (with a lot of pain), then finally going home and after two days the wound gets open and for the last three weeks yukkie stuff (inflammation) coming out of the wound (and everything that comes with it)

Yesterday they (the nurses from "Aafje") started to wash out the wound with a catheter and a big syringe.
Now the catheter you don't feel.... but when they wipe the wound with sterile gauze I could kick them.... man that hurts !!

But I'm hoping that the wound will heal soon now.... because this way it takes forever !
And that's not helping me recover, so that's why my emotions got the best of me yesterday *blush*
Me having panic and anxiety attacks (I have does basiclly all my life) doesn't help either.... so I guess that's why I'm feeling a bit down at the moment.

I know there are worse things going on in this world.... but we all have our moments, right !? ; )
Thanks for listening, hihi I guess it also helps writting down your feelings... it doesn't have to be all happy stuff all the time !


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Magnolia Tilda Nurse (by Neline)

 (copyright Neline)

Isn't she gorgeous....
this Magnolia Tilda Nurse card made by Neline !? = )
When I saw it a couple of weeks ago I just had to have it, haha =P
I just got out of the hospital en the new Magnolia "The winner takes it all" collection wasn't even released for sale yet and this sweet Tilda Nurse was the first thing I saw when I got back on the internet.
And it was such a coincidence because of all the morphine I got for the pain, that I contacted Neline and asked her if this card was for sale..... and it was ; )
But she was on vacation so I had to wait until the second half of August... but here it is and I'm soooo happy with it, I love Neline's creations and they always get a special place in my room = )
Now I didn't take a picture of the card myself (still recovering) so credits go to Neline !
Make sure you visit her blog.... it's well worth it ; )


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Avenged Sevenfold

For those of you who don't know who these people are I present you.....  Avenged Sevenfold !
Who you might ask youself.....
Avenged Sevenfold only the greatest band ever, haha ; )
I love these guys and there music they are so talented, friendly and eventhough they are known worldwide...
still down to earth.... I love that ! = )

Now I know no everybody likes rock/heavy metal and that's ok....
but now that I'm recovering from this hug operation their music/songs/videos helps me heal.
That's why I thought lets place them in the spotlight on my blog just like all the other things on here = )

So this is for the guys from Avenged Sevenfold (should you ever read this, haha) THANK YOU so much for sharing your talent with all of us around the world and extra for helping me heal personally !!


Strawberry tard..... hmmmmm

I had a little strawberry tard or the first time since the operation and hmmmmm did it taste good !?!?
YES.... hahahaha.... lol ! =P
It was sooooo good, delicious... filled with that yellow pastry cream and lots of strawberries.... YUMMY ! ; )
Wish I could have another one, haha.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Poezië in huis by Ariadne at home

I just ordered this beautiful book from Ariadne at home... it's called Poezië in huis and it's all about "brocante" = )
It's a Dutch book full of inspiration where "old" stuff like furniture gets a second life. Now I love "brocante" and always buy the Ariadne at home brocante special magazine.....

previous edition

new edition
(on sale in September)

 so what better then a whole book, hahaha.... right !? ; )
If you like to order your own copy of this wonderful book let me know and I will tell you

Thanks for dropping by..... have a nice evening ! = )

Friday, August 12, 2011

The new Magnolia Ink magazine soon will be 4 sale......

The new cover for the new Magnolia Ink magazine (nr. 4 Dutch version) it will soon be for sale !! = )
Hmmmmm chocolate dreams... I'm loving it already as I'm a chocoholic myself, haha


No much to tell.............

Goodmorning everyone, not much to tell.... just had a shower for the first time without the staples ! = )
I got up at 8:30 and it takes 2 hours from the time I get up, then breakfast and a shower... pffff, I always thought I took forever to get ready in the morning before the operation but when everything is healed and things are back to "normal"........ I think I've got time to spare, hahaha =P

Anyways.... hope everyone has a nice SUNNY day !
Knuffies (hugs)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Went for another check up

I've just arrived home from another check up in the hospital and they took out all 18 staples ! = )
Now there are still 2 openings where the yukkie stuff (inflammation) comes out but luckily the yukkie stuff is only superficial or else they had to cut open the wound again.... no thank you !! ; )
First the nurse came with what I thought was a syringe but it was only a long thing to take a swab..... pfffff
Now I have to come back next week and in the meantime wash the wound 2x a day and check if I don't get a fever or when there's more yukkie stuff coming out of the wound then there's now.
If it does then it's back to the hospital..... again NO THANK YOU, hahaha =P
So keep your fingers crossed for me ; )

I'm going to rest for a bit........ talk to you guys later,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Something 2 look forward 2

Two new books 2 look forward to..... first "Eline's Winterhuis" (Eline's Winter House) a Dutch book & second "Tilda's Christmas House 2011" (Tilda's Juleverksted) a Norwegian book.With both books comes a whole line of products, a few examples of Eline's Winterhuis......
wooden ornaments & ribbons
Eline's Winterhuis
© Eline Pellinkhof
I'm saving up already, hahaha ; )

Monday, August 08, 2011

Lovely Treasures

Just sharing a picture of some lovely treasures I ordered.... hmmm I can't wait for them to arrive ! ; )
They are going to look so good in my hobby room as soon as I painted it and put new wallpaper on the walls.... looking forward to start, but first some healing to do ; )
If you're wondering what the colors will be.... well the wallpaper looks like this....

(color taupe)

the paint is the same color as the wallpaper and one is a little darker.
I'll take some pictures as soon as everything is finished.... watch this space, hihi !


Sunday, August 07, 2011

Japanese Washi Tape..... and other stuff

Don't you just love these Japanese Washi tape.... I know I do but where can I buy them (online) !?
When I surf the internet they are all pretty expensive =/
Do you know any good webshops or where do you buy them !?!? = )
Good news.... for the first time this Friday and Saterday I've gone outside to the shops !! = )
In a wheelchair though but it's soooo good to be outside again, now we keep the wheelchair in the shed when we are not using it.... but I would love to have my own "parking place" how about something like this......... hahahaha =P

Things are slowly getting better..... I've been watching the movie "Black Swan".......

....... a fantastic movie really worth watching !!
Oh and before I go I would like you guys to meet my doctor & one of the nurses/assistants from the OR the day I got my operation.....

The doctor

One of the nurses/assistants in the OR

Ohhhh and this is what I looked like...... hahahaha..... LOL !! =P

JUST KIDDING, hahahahaha...... have a great weekend !! ; )

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Went for a check up

I just went for a check up in the hospital and things are going according to plan, two of the 20 staples are removed.... those 2 were from the arthroscopy (kijkoperatie)
So no more piercing in my belly button, hahaha =P
The other 18 staples are still there because there's still "a lot" of exudate (wondvocht) coming from the wound, so next week another check up to see how things are going then and if the staples can come out then. Other then that.... hmmmm the muscles on the right side are still very sensitive but that's because they had to cut them and there are sutures holding them together, so that still takes time to heal.
I also found out why I have a 23 cm long cut and why the arthroscopy didn't work..... it was too dangerous to do a arthroscopy because they couldn't see what was behind the gall bladder (or something like that) and they are not going to take the risk of damaging anything they shouldn't and me being at risk of liver surgery.
It puts things in perspective, because I'm better of with a 23 cm long scare then be at risk of liver surgery !! = )

So I need to keep doing what I'm doing and make sure I get plenty of rest (see photo, haha)
Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope everyone has a nice sunny day !! = )


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Magnolia "The winner takes it all" collection

The new Magnolia "The winner takes it all" stamp collection is out now and they are lovely !! ; )
I also have three questions and I hope you guys can help !?

1. Does anyone have an idea when the new Magnolia Ink magazine comes out, I know it's this month... but a month can be so long hahaha... lol ! =P

2. Does anyone of you know what Pauline (designer a.k.a Magnolia mother) looks like !?!?

3. And do anyone of you have webshop (links) for me where I can order charms (bedeltjes) for cardmaking !?!?

Thanks !! = )

Kaartromantiek by Frences

Yes.... yesterday Frences new book "Kaartromantiek" arrived by mail and it's fantastic !! = )
I love Frences styl and was looking forward to her book.
Congratulations girl.... you can be proud !! ; )

People if you're a fan of Eline Pellinkhof and Frences styl of work, go and run to the shops or order it online..... ohhh go and get your copy even if your "not" a fan of these two sweet ladies, is worth it !!
I'm feeling better, still a long way to go.... but we'll get there ! ; )
Tomorrow I have an appointment for a check up.... wondering what they are going to say ??
Keep you guys posted ; )