Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eline's Romantic Nursery (by mom) # 1

Today I want to show you guys how busy my mom has been
with the new "Eline's Romantic Nursery" line by Eline Pellinkhof
Because my mom doesn't have (and doesn't want to have) her own blog
I asked her if I could take pictures of her creations
and show them on mine.

So here in the spotlight are my mom's gorgeous cards...
all 22 of them, haha ; )


Eline's Romantic Nursery (by mom) # 2


Eline's Romantic Nursery (by mom) # 3


Eline's Romantic Nursery (by mom).... # 4


Saturday, April 14, 2012

TOMIC #45 - Criss cross card....

I mentioned in my previous message that I wanted to join this weeks Magnolia TOMIC
"Criss cross card + princes & princesses"

Well.... this is my creation, a card I would like to call... "a Star is born"
(notice the star theme)

.... notice here that it says date of birth 18-04-2012
(the day they reveal the winner)

Hope you like my entry...... fingers crossed ; )

Magnolia bottle decoration....

Now first of all I want to say that this idea wasn't mine,
a few weeks ago Magnolia's TOMIC
had this as one of their challenges.

But because I had no inspiration that time I didn't enter....
(I've been without inspiration for a while)
but then I saw DT - Camilla S her creation and fell in love
So ALL credit goes to her !! When you have a moment visit her blog
it's really worth it... I promise ; )

Oh and the inspiration is back by the way (so thanks Camilla)
because I want to enter this weeks Magnolia TOMIC where
we need to make a Criss Cross card with a Magnolia stamp from
the "Prince & Princesses" line.... fingers crossed.
And this time it will be all my inspiration, hahaha ; )
I guess I needed to get the juices flowing again.....


More cupcakes......

Just made new cupcakes.... this time vanilla with strawberry topping.
They were 3 for the price of 2... so I couldn't resist ; )


Friday, April 06, 2012

Have a lovely Easter....

Here are a few pictures of my Easter decoration.
I've sowned some cress in one of the three eggcups,
but I just read it takes two weeks for it to come up, haha... oops !

And last but not least... these chocolate cupcakes with raspberry topping
and white chocolate shavings.... let Easter begin ; )

Have a lovely Easter weekend everyone