Thursday, March 31, 2011

The soft pink cushions with inner cushions ; )

YESSS....... the inner cushions FINALLY arrived !! = )
So time to place them in the soft pink covers and to take in picture,
now the sun was shinning at that moment so the quality isn't great.
I'm REALLY loving the soft pink colour... what do you think !?!?

And don't you just LOVE these GORGEOUS "gerbera's" !?!?
They are soft "yellow" / off white
and the flowers are bigger then the regular size gerbera's.
It really feels like springtime now ; )

Thanks for visiting my blog again.... have a lovely evening !

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wow... I've received my very first award from Helga = )

Wow.... I received my very first blog award from Helga thanks so much !! = )
All I have to do now is to tell 7 things about myself & give away
this blog award to 8 other bloggers.... well here goes ; )

About me (..... in no particular order)

1. I'm a huge fan of Eline Pellinkhof & Magnolia
2. Love chocolate... especially now around Easter with those delicious
little chocolate Easter eggs, they are gone in a heartbeat by the way =P
3. I also love things from Riviera Maison ; )
4. Favorite time of year is springtime !
5. My "hero" is Nick
6. Favorite music is by P!nk, Avenged Sevenfold, Kane, Celine Dion... etc. etc.
7. And last but not least....... my favorite color is pink (can you tell, hihi)

And now the 8 people I want to give this award to....
oh this is hard, there are so many !!

Bente ( )
Cora ( )
Esther ( )
Esther ( )
Monique (
Neline ( )
Nicole ( )
Tosca ( )

You guys can place this blog award on your own blog
and do the same thing I just did....
tell 7 things about yourself & give away this award to 8 different people ! = )

Magnolia "Butterfly Dreams" garland (slinger)

Hi everyone, finally a new creation made by little old me....
it has been awhile so it was time for something new ! ; )

This time a Magnolia garland (slinger) and fair is fair Nicole is the
one who "inspired" me....
I used seven stamps from the new Magnolia "Butterfly Dreams" collection,
Maja Design "Crea Diem" paper and some string.

It has taken me two days.... but it was well worth it !! = )
Hope you like this new creation !?

Have a lovely evening and until next time

Sunday, March 27, 2011

You get soooo greedy......... =P

Last Friday was sooo much fun and look at what I bought....
ohhhh you get soooo greedy ! =P

First thing I did was visited Miekelotte to buy the new Magnolia
stamps from the Butterfly Dreams collection and asked
Neline to sign her new book "Kaarten uit Scandinavië"

Here she is giving a workshop to a couple of people later that day.
I went back to buy another card from Neline, I had already bought
2 Magnolia cards from her.... but loved the Eline Pellinkhof also, haha ; )
Lucky enough it was still there...... pffff !!

Don't you just LOVE her creations !?!?!?
I do...... and Neline, your cards got a special place.....
they stand in a showcase (vitrinekast)
I'll try to take a picture later this week, right now the sun is shinning
and all I get is a reflection =/

Now it's time to make dinner.......
thanks for dropping by and have a nice day !! = )

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crea Weekend Rijswijk

Hi everyone.....

Are you guys ready for the Crea Weekend in Rijswijk
tomorrow/this weekend !?!?
I am, haha... boy do I have a long wishlist...
but not sure if I can find all the stuff I'm looking for,
so keep your fingers crossed for me, hihi ; )
I have a few ideas, so I'm REALLY hoping I can find everything.

I'm sooo looking forward to tomorrow...
I'm like a pup that can't hardly wait to go out for a walk, whahaha..... lol !! = P
And I'm going to drag my mom with me, haha ; )
I love doing these mother & daughter things ! = )

But now it's first time for a cup of coffee.....
have you tried the Perla Toffee pads from Albert Heijn??
NO.... YOU SHOULD, they are delicious !! ; )

After my cup of coffee it's then time to vacuum.... bleh! =/

Anyways, if you're also going to the Crea Weekend let me know....
maybe we will see each other there !? = )

Have a lovely sunny day.....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Soft pink cushions update

Hi my dear blog followers.... and visitors of course ; )
Today just a little update regarding the soft pink cushions....
now the soft pink covers arrived today, but not the inner cushions =/
I've contacted the store I bought them from
and it's going to take a bit longer, so no picture yet girls.

Have a very nice evening everyone......

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vote 4 Nick again ! = )

Nick with his cube act

Are you guys ready for another show of Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs !?
Five more candidates.... pfff it's getting closer & closer.
We would REALLY appriciate it if you guys vote
tomorrow at 20:30 SBS6
So vote for Nick & help us get through to next week, hihi ; )

Thanks soooo much you guys !! = )

Monday, March 14, 2011

Huey, Louie & Dewey

It all started with one egg

And then there were three.....

Huey, Louie & Dewey are getting feathers ; )

And before you know it they are ready to fly out !

Aren't they...... CUTE !?!?
From egg(s) until they fly out.... all within 2 weeks = )


It's already a little bit Easter over here = )

Hello my dear followers.... today I wanted to show you guys
that it's already a little bit Easter over here = )
What you see is a REAL blackbirds nest under a Bell Jar,
with real lapwings (kievit) eggs & two fake easter eggs
from the garden center.... so simple but so beautiful !!

Now... you probably are thinking
"A real blackbirds nest, doesn't that start to smell !?"
No... if the blackbirds never lay eggs
or the eggs were robbed early on, you are OK ; )

It's probably the last real blackbirds nest I found,
because we are getting a new garden.... most of the
garden is already gone for now and the blackbirds are
already looking for a good place to make a nest, haha.
It's funny to see them sit there with a look on their face like
"Where is everything !?!?" hahaha... lol ! =P

Two years ago we had a nest with three little blackbirds in it,
I'll show some of the pictures that I made...
but I need find them on the old computer and that one
is soooooo slow, but they look so adorable.
They were our own little Huey, Louie & Dewey, haha ; )

Now it's time to make dinner..... thanks for visiting
my blog again & have a nice evening

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Aren't they ADORABLE !?!?

I just wanted to show you guys these adorable soft pink cushions I just ordered
They are 50x50cm......... aren't they adorable !?!? ; )
I do have to wait a whole week though =/
hahaha.... lol !! =P
Can you tell I LOVE pink !?!?

Have a nice evening....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Vote for Nick

Nicholas Keagan
Hi everyone, it's Friday so that means Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs....
my friend is one of the professional skaters from Holiday On Ice
and because the competition is getting harder & harder each week,
we need all the votes we can get !! ; )
So please help him get to the finals by voting.....
watch SBS6 tonight at 20:30



Monday, March 07, 2011

Otte&Olijf Goodiebag

Today I wanted to show you guys what was in the
Otte&Olijf goodiebag....
I especially like the heart made out of zinc and the little
booklet with store addresses,
I even found stores I hadn't heard of before....

Have a nice evening ! = )

Friday, March 04, 2011

I won a goodiebag from Otte&Olijf

Woohoo..... I won one of the goodiebags from Otte&Olijf !! = )
And all I had to do was to become a follower on Twitter.... how cool it that !? ; )
I've always been a big fan of her shop, such lovely stuff... you guys really should
visit her webshop Otte&Olijf or OllieBollies for cute gifts for children.
Thanks Raquel for these lovely goodies & for picking me as one of the winners...
so a great big hug from me to you ! = )

And one for you guys as well of course & thanks for visiting my blog again....

p.s. Don't forget to vote for my friend Nick Keagan tonight.....
20:30PM at SBS6 Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs !! =P

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Cute Magnolia card by Cora

This time not a creation by me but from Cora 
because she makes such lovely cards
(and sometimes sells them) that I just had to buy one of her !! = )
I thought this one is sooooo cute... the picture doesn't do the real card justice,
because it looks so much better in real life ; )
Anyways, go and have a look at her blog to see more cute & lovely creations....

And Cora for you a great big hug
& keep making these fantastic creations because....
"I will be back !" haha ; )

Thanks for visiting my blog again you guys.... and have a SUNNY day !! = )