Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Magnolia Tilda and Koala high in the sky.....

It's ready......
my Magnolia Tilda and Koala flying in a hot air balloon ! = )
They are flying all around the world to make new friends, when the sky is blue and the weather is sunny.

Even the butterflies join them from time to time.....

(The hot air balloon is completely in 3D)

Hope you like this new creation as much a I do....
tell me what you think = )
Thanks for dropping in and visiting my blog, until next time....

You can buy the hot air balloon pattern (and other beautiful patterns) @ Sandra
And I'm honored to say that my version of this hot air balloon is now part of Sandra's (examples) gallery = )

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Magnolia Tilda and Wiola.....

Hello hello my dear blog friends.... today I want to show you a "painting" I used the Magnolia Tilda with Wiola stamp from the new Summer Memories collection.

I'm loving the stamp so much because in a way it reminds me of my grandma.....

I got the idea from Jane and asked her for permission first of course... I totally fell in love with the colors she used, it's so me haha ; )

I made the silk pink fabric rose myself...

and the ornament with the eiffel tower as well.
The painting says "Let's have some tea" because it looks like Tilda
is seeing a friend across the road, while she's shopping... in Paris ; )

Thanks for stopping by.... and telling me what you think

I entered this creation at Magnolia Down Under Challenges for this weeks #147 Make Your Own Embellishments from Scratch competition !


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Magnolia Swedish Tilda....

I felt like coloring in one of the new Magnolia stamps from the "Summer Memories" so this time I've chosen the Swedish Tilda.... she's so cute, isn't she !?

But what does the traditional Swedish clothes actually look like ?
Do I know someone from Sweden ?
Ohhhh of course I do..... Lillemor Magnolias DT member,
she's from Sweden = )

So I send her an email and asked her what it looks like...
help was on the way !
A few minutes later I received a message from Lillemor,
who send me this picture.....

..... the royal family in traditional Swedish clothes.
Ohhh of course yellow & blue.... duhhh Corianne,
Ikea is Swedish, haha ; )

Thank you Lillemor for your help.... all I need is an idea for this Tilda, hmmm I have no idea yet
(could just help my sweet blog followers)
but I wanted to show you and everyone else
how the Swedish Tilda turned out...
notice the ribbons in her hair ; )
I tried to make them look like the Swedish flag, haha...

thanks for dropping by again !

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Magnolia FlipFlop, every shoe needs a left and... a right one

Two days ago I made a Magnolia FlipFlop (the left one) but one is so alone, it needed a right one.... so tonight I made the right flipflop

As you can see the image on the right flipflop is mirrored

I like the flipflops to be a pair....
it looks more naturel, what do think !?
Thanks for dropping by again, until next time

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Magnolia Tilda FlipFlop.....

Today I made a Magnolia FlipFlop with the new Tilda in Key Largo 
from the Summer Memories 2012 collection.
I really love this one.....
.... by the way it's a real shell on top of the flower,
to give it a real summer feeling!