Monday, September 27, 2010

Eline's Old Fashion Christmas mini pocket envelope album

(front view)

First of all I want to thank all of you girls for the lovely words of compassion I received regarding the passing of my grandmother...... 
I really appreciated it and it really did me good ! = )
This weekend was the first time I felt like doing something creative
and this mini pocket envelope album is the result
(back view)

(envelope album with the two big labels)

(envelope abum with two big & two small labels)

I used the new Eline Old Fashion Christmas pretty paperbloc, the new Eline toddler clearstamps (EC0117), Copic Ciao Markers, Promarkers, ribbon and some lace
I made a tutorail  incase you also would like to make a mini pocket envelope album, place a link to your website / blog here so I can see what your mini pocket envelope album looks like..... very curious ; )

Have a great evening (not too much rain though, haha !)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In loving memory..........

I wasn't sure if I should write this, but I wanted to let you guys know why I will be taking a short break....... unfortunately it's because we received the very sad news that my grandmother passed away at age 94 =(
She passed away very peacefully which we are very grateful for.

I will be checking in from time to time
so I can enjoy all your lovely creations = )
But for now........

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A 4 day migraine =/

This is how I felt last week...........

Last week I had a 4 day migraine and boy did it hurt !!
And the worst part was that I couldn't take anything for it......
 I'm seeing a migrainespecialist and tried a lot of different migraine medications (triptans) but nothing works, so I had to "take a break" from all these medication
so my body is "clean" before we can go any further.
Anyways that's way I haven't been around much and haven't made any pictures from the things I bought at Paper&Pictures, but I will as soon as I feel up to it......
'cause let me tell you those migraines it wears you out !!
So I didn't forget ; )
Anyways, have a great day (with not too much rain)