Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sepp the Seahorse


Sepp the seahorse spend his childhood on his granddad's sea cow ranch. He was very talented in riding sea cows and started a career as rodeo star soon. On a rodeo world tour Sepp stopped in Texas, where he was told, that every proper horse wears horseshoes. He couldn’t find out what these could be good for and threw them away. Thus Sepp invented the horseshoe pitching sport.
Later on his journey he met a stunning young mare. After a romantic night, she stole his heart, but left an egg that Sepp cared lovingly from then on. When his belly was getting bigger, he decided to leave the rodeo to settle down.
In the moment Sepp's baby was hatched, he found his true calling as a kindergarten teacher. (Whereby his first career as a tamer of wild manatees was very useful.) Now he's teaching the young ones, how to hide in a kelp forest, how to unravel sailors knots from their tails and how to crochet spirals in a spiral


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