Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TOMIC challenge #3

It's time for the third TOMIC challenge
and this time the theme is SUMMER.
This is my entry and you can find it here.....
As you can see I'm still in the pink / white & brown,
haha... but hey they are my favorite colors ; )

Winner of last weeks challenge is Jenine... CONGRATULATIONS !! = )


Friday, June 17, 2011

Magnolia a la Riviera Maison photo frame

Today we have a Magnolia a la Riviera Maison photo frame.... I saw this idea in the new Magnolia Ink magazine and thought wait a minute Riviera Maison has a photo frame like that ! = )
I'm thinking of making the suitecase (see Magnolia Ink magazine) to hold the photoframe... but what do you think should I leave the Magnolia pictures like this or "color" them black & white !?!? 

The photo frame says "A Picture Paints A Thousand Words"

copyright Riviera Maison

Talking about Riviera Maison.... I love these Caffé Doppio cup & saucers, perfect for a cuppucino with a homemade cupcake... hmmm another way to have a relaxing moment ! ; )

And like I promised.... the crochet Mary Jane shoes by Tab.... aren't they adorable ?? = )

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's raining outside.... & inside ; )

It's raining outside.... and inside, haha I'm having a lazy day and while I was giving my plants water I thought why not take a picture of my Orchid who just got a "shower".
So it's also "raining" inside over here, hihi ; )

By the way does anyone of you have tips for keeping Orchids....
I would love to hear them !! = )

Oh before I forget.... the crochet Mary Jane shoes made by Tab arrived yesterday and oh my God they are even cuter in real life then on the pictures Tab made !!
She send them in a little white box and even place washing instructions in it.... too adorable ; )
I will take a picture soon, but like I said I'm having a lazy day, haha =P

Maybe it's the rain ?? What do you do when you're having a lazy day and need to get moving ??
Tips anyone, hahaha.... ; )

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TOMIC challenge # 2

Hello hello my lovely blog followers & visitors..... time for the second TOMIC challenge, this time.... color combo PINK, WHITE & BROWN ( I love it !! )

Here you can find my entry for this weeks challenge
(click on the button on the left side of my blog or on the word TOMIC in this blog post)

Now last week over 200 people send in their creation and VICKY won the challenge.... CONGRATULATIONS girl !! = )
Make sure you guys visit her blog as well...............

Thanks for dropping by and for you sweet & kind words.... have a nice day !

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Have a nive Pentecost (Pinksteren)

Today I want to wish everyone a happy Pentecost (Pinksteren)

I'm relaxing with a nice cup of homemade cappuccino ; )
I used the new "Friesche Vlag melkschuim" and it does work ! Although it works even better with a regular  coffee and less with the coffee pads because of the cream that's already in those types of coffee... but it still has a fluffy layer and more important.... it tastes good, haha ; )
Anyways.... a nice way to relax, I think is to....
 just make your favourite cup of coffee (or tea) put it in your favourite cup
(mine is by Riviera Maison... what else, haha)
sit down, put your feet up and ENJOY !! = )
Oh I had a piece of English fudge next to it, but that's already..... gone (blush) hahaha =P

You know it sounds so good... that I will have another one, hihi ; )

Friday, June 10, 2011

Crochet Mary Jane shoes by Tab

copyright by Tab

Oh my God aren't they ADORABLE..... these crochet Mary Jane shoes made by Tab !?!?
Completely handmade and of corse with love ! ; )
Tab makes such gorgeous stuff....... you really should take a look at her blog.

Now I have just seen these and the first thing I thought was "I need to have them !!" and luckily they were for sale, now I say WERE because I bought them, hihi ; )

I can't wait for them to arrive....
and give them a special place in my home !! = )
Ohhh they are sooooo CUTE, I'm excited like a little girl, hahaha =P

Anyways, I'm wishing everyone a SUNNY day
(it just started to rain over here)

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Monday, June 06, 2011

TOMIC challenge # 1

It's the first time I ever entered a challenge and what better way to start with a challenge from
( click on the blog button on the left )

The first challenge is a birthday card or other creation for the one and only Magnolia mom Pauline, so I made a Magnolia birthday garland and hoping that I did everything I needed to do to enter the challenge !?
And now fingers crossed that it will win, haha ; )
But to participate in this challenge is fun already !

Here are some close ups of the garland....

And Pauline.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Have a great everyone