Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's raining outside.... & inside ; )

It's raining outside.... and inside, haha I'm having a lazy day and while I was giving my plants water I thought why not take a picture of my Orchid who just got a "shower".
So it's also "raining" inside over here, hihi ; )

By the way does anyone of you have tips for keeping Orchids....
I would love to hear them !! = )

Oh before I forget.... the crochet Mary Jane shoes made by Tab arrived yesterday and oh my God they are even cuter in real life then on the pictures Tab made !!
She send them in a little white box and even place washing instructions in it.... too adorable ; )
I will take a picture soon, but like I said I'm having a lazy day, haha =P

Maybe it's the rain ?? What do you do when you're having a lazy day and need to get moving ??
Tips anyone, hahaha.... ; )

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