Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm still here.....

Hi everyone,
Just to everybody know.... I'm still here, hahaha..... LOL !!
It's been a while I know, but I haven't been sitting still so to speak..... no I've been creating some new Tilda projects, like a Tilda cat, dog and a cornet with a little angel face.
A few weeks ago I ordered some older Tilda books at
And eventhough they are in English the patterns are still easy to follow.
The cat is already ready, but I'm still working on the dog and the cornet with little angel face still needs a halo made of fine twigs and candy.
Other then making Tilda projects, I have ordered Tilda products from the new 2010 series
( Tilda Kitchen Garden & Flower Garden ) today at
Things like scrapbook paper, fabrics, brads, stickers etc etc..... and not to forget the new Tilda booklet, so I'm VERY excited and can hardly wait.... I know I will be like a kid at Christmas, hahahaha ; )
Anyways, I will post the pictures soon !!
Love Corianne