Sunday, November 28, 2010

Crea Weekend 2010

Hey everyone, this time just a short message to show you guys what I bought at the Crea Weekend in Rijswijk this year = )
As you can see a hole lot of Magnolia stamps all bought at Miekelotte the place to be for your Magnolia stamps that's for sure !
Two Martha Stewart punches that I wanted for so long, some lace, paper bags that I want to decorate and linnen fabric...... can't wait to start ; )

It was a great day..... I got to meet Neline, we talked a bit before she had to give a demonstration and I had to go shop again, haha....
By the time I got home I was so tired I had trouble staying awake, haha

So who else has been to the Crea Weekend and what did you buy !?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Magnolia Sneak Preview............

Hi..... me again, this time with a sneak preview...... why.... because I can't finish these two, haha =P
I wanted to go to the KreaDoe this year, but was still to weak from my stomach ucler and couldn't go =/
So now I'm planning to go to the CreaWeekend in Rijswijk and hopefully find the things I'm looking for..... so you guys have to wait a bit longer to see these two finished ; )

Have a lovely evening..... until next time.....

So much to show........

Oh where to begin................. well with the most recent creation I guess !
First of al sorry for the poor quality pictures, I think my camera needs a new memory card or I need a new camera, hahaha =P
Anyways, we going to start with the embroidery hoops from the Eline's Huis (Eline's House) book....... they are just too cute don't ya agree !?

Next up is a 40x40 cm picture frame ( I couldn't find a smaller one, haha ) where I took out the glass and placed the linnen fabric behind the frame.
I also put a bit of fiberfill behind the fabric so I can stick pins in it and place all kinds of things on the "board"

A little while ago I made a pink version of this mini pocket label holder
(see tutorial) so this time a blue one

Then I saw this card in a magazine and thought it looked soooo cute that I just had to make it, althought I didn't make a card but a "box"
Now I couldn't get it in the picture but the box is 1 cm high....... it givesthe hole thing more depth.

I found these cute little bells again that I knew I still had...... I got a present from LifeStyle 2 years ago and in between all the ribbons where these cute little bells.
Sometimes it's a good thing to save stuff...................... RIGHT GIRLS !? ; )

And last but not least.............. the Tilda Autumn Angel 2010
This doll was finished a long long time ago, but I still need to make a................ oops I almost gave the "secret" away =P
But I just wanted to share the doll with you guys...... so here she is !! = )

And one more picture from the Tilda Autumn Angel with the coat open ; )

Hope you like the new creations ??

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Have you seen this movie !?

Something completely different..... but have you seen the second movie
"Sex and the City 2" !?!?
 It's out on DVD and I just watched it......
and oh my God it is sooooo funny, haha ; )
I just love the four characters and the way the writers wrote the serie
and have written the movies...... it's just too hilarious !!
You REALLY should watch it = )

I was wondering who has seen the serie and / or movie(s),
who's your favorite character !?!?

Have a great weekend

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Eline in Dordrecht to sign her book

Yesterday Eline was at Pipoos Dordrecht to sign her book "Eline's Huis" (Eline's House) together with Helga. But first things first...... installing all the lovely creations from the book.....

And when everything found it's place......... time to take pictures.....

After the pictures and having a chat....... time to sign my book........


And of course....... taking a picture together......

Eline & Helga is was fantastic to meet both of you and thanks for a great day ! = )