Sunday, June 12, 2011

Have a nive Pentecost (Pinksteren)

Today I want to wish everyone a happy Pentecost (Pinksteren)

I'm relaxing with a nice cup of homemade cappuccino ; )
I used the new "Friesche Vlag melkschuim" and it does work ! Although it works even better with a regular  coffee and less with the coffee pads because of the cream that's already in those types of coffee... but it still has a fluffy layer and more important.... it tastes good, haha ; )
Anyways.... a nice way to relax, I think is to....
 just make your favourite cup of coffee (or tea) put it in your favourite cup
(mine is by Riviera Maison... what else, haha)
sit down, put your feet up and ENJOY !! = )
Oh I had a piece of English fudge next to it, but that's already..... gone (blush) hahaha =P

You know it sounds so good... that I will have another one, hihi ; )


Vicky said...

Hi hunni thanks so much for your lovely comment on my magnolia card I would be honoured if you put it on your blog sweetie. Thank you so much for asking.
Take care hun.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

CorianneDesign said...

Hey Vicky, you're very welcome... I'm glad you said that's ok for me to use your picture !! = )
It's in the new blog post for the TOMIC challenge # 2.... as you can see ; )

Big hug, Corianne