Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Magnolia Swedish Tilda....

I felt like coloring in one of the new Magnolia stamps from the "Summer Memories" so this time I've chosen the Swedish Tilda.... she's so cute, isn't she !?

But what does the traditional Swedish clothes actually look like ?
Do I know someone from Sweden ?
Ohhhh of course I do..... Lillemor Magnolias DT member,
she's from Sweden = )

So I send her an email and asked her what it looks like...
help was on the way !
A few minutes later I received a message from Lillemor,
who send me this picture.....

..... the royal family in traditional Swedish clothes.
Ohhh of course yellow & blue.... duhhh Corianne,
Ikea is Swedish, haha ; )

Thank you Lillemor for your help.... all I need is an idea for this Tilda, hmmm I have no idea yet
(could just help my sweet blog followers)
but I wanted to show you and everyone else
how the Swedish Tilda turned out...
notice the ribbons in her hair ; )
I tried to make them look like the Swedish flag, haha...

thanks for dropping by again !


Helga Teunissen said...

Wat een leuk idee om haar helemaal in te kleuren met de foto als inspiratiebron. Je zou eens moeten kijken bij het maja design papier, ik kan me herinneren vorig jaar deze kleuren te hebben gebruikt bij het maken van een kaart, ik weet niet meer zeker maar dacht de serie summar tidar.

Lillemor said...

Wow Corianne, Tilda lokks just so pretty in her swedish dress! Nice to hear that you´ve had some help with the colors from the picture! The perfect blue and yellow match.
I am looking forward to see the whole result when it´s done...I´ll be back!
Hugs Lillemor

CorianneDesign said...

Hey Helga dank je voor de tip meis ik ga eens snuffelen tussen het Maja Design papier ; )

x Corianne

CorianneDesign said...

Hi Lillemor, thank you for sending me the picture = )
I had no idea what the traditional clothes look like... later I thought duhhh Ikea blue and yellow, haha what else ; )

I'm glad I made you as a Swedish lady "proud" of the result, hihi ; )

x Corianne

Kathleen said...

Hahaha! I see what you mean! Wow that's very freaky and funny. I googled Swedish national costume and I got a similar picture and that's where I took my inspiration from. I can't believe our tildas are exactly the same.
Ah well great minds think alike lol!
Kat xx