Monday, March 14, 2011

It's already a little bit Easter over here = )

Hello my dear followers.... today I wanted to show you guys
that it's already a little bit Easter over here = )
What you see is a REAL blackbirds nest under a Bell Jar,
with real lapwings (kievit) eggs & two fake easter eggs
from the garden center.... so simple but so beautiful !!

Now... you probably are thinking
"A real blackbirds nest, doesn't that start to smell !?"
No... if the blackbirds never lay eggs
or the eggs were robbed early on, you are OK ; )

It's probably the last real blackbirds nest I found,
because we are getting a new garden.... most of the
garden is already gone for now and the blackbirds are
already looking for a good place to make a nest, haha.
It's funny to see them sit there with a look on their face like
"Where is everything !?!?" hahaha... lol ! =P

Two years ago we had a nest with three little blackbirds in it,
I'll show some of the pictures that I made...
but I need find them on the old computer and that one
is soooooo slow, but they look so adorable.
They were our own little Huey, Louie & Dewey, haha ; )

Now it's time to make dinner..... thanks for visiting
my blog again & have a nice evening

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