Thursday, August 11, 2011

Went for another check up

I've just arrived home from another check up in the hospital and they took out all 18 staples ! = )
Now there are still 2 openings where the yukkie stuff (inflammation) comes out but luckily the yukkie stuff is only superficial or else they had to cut open the wound again.... no thank you !! ; )
First the nurse came with what I thought was a syringe but it was only a long thing to take a swab..... pfffff
Now I have to come back next week and in the meantime wash the wound 2x a day and check if I don't get a fever or when there's more yukkie stuff coming out of the wound then there's now.
If it does then it's back to the hospital..... again NO THANK YOU, hahaha =P
So keep your fingers crossed for me ; )

I'm going to rest for a bit........ talk to you guys later,


Helga said...

De nasleep is nog lang als ik het zo hoor. Blijf maar lekker uit de buurt van zieke mensen, want je weerstand is in deze toestand 0,0 natuurlijk. Ik ga heel hard duimen draaien dat je niet terug hoeft voor het openen van de wond, die laten we lekker dicht.
Liefs, Helga

CorianneDesign said...

Heb lekker lang een tukkie gedaan nu een koppie homemade groentesoep van mams ! = )
En wat betreft die wond.... JA die laten we lekker met rust, haha ; )

Knuffie Corianne