Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Kaartromantiek by Frences

Yes.... yesterday Frences new book "Kaartromantiek" arrived by mail and it's fantastic !! = )
I love Frences styl and was looking forward to her book.
Congratulations girl.... you can be proud !! ; )

People if you're a fan of Eline Pellinkhof and Frences styl of work, go and run to the shops or order it online..... ohhh go and get your copy even if your "not" a fan of these two sweet ladies, is worth it !!
I'm feeling better, still a long way to go.... but we'll get there ! ; )
Tomorrow I have an appointment for a check up.... wondering what they are going to say ??
Keep you guys posted ; )



Esther said...

Het lijkt me een prachtig boekje, ga zo effen op de site kijken, lieve groetjes Esther.

Frences said...

Wat lief van je *bloos*..... Gelukkig vind je hem zo mooi, blij te horen!! Veel plezier ermee!!

En bedankt voor dit lieve bericht!!!

Lieve groetjes Frences