Sunday, September 04, 2011

My dream house

copyright Ad Bakker
In my previous message I was dreaming about a ginger cat called Dikkie Dik or Ginger the "je-weet-wel" (the "you-know-what"... he's fixed) cat, a Siamese cat called Loedertje and a dachshund called Lotje. They all would have their own bowl from Riviera Maison, haha... but I forgot my dreams house !!
And this is it, it's near where I really live and it's such a sweet little house with water at the back of the house, with a little garden and even a place for bunnies (I also love bunnies) to run around in... I always have loved it since I was a kid and I still do ; )  Now I don't have real pictures of this house, maybe one day I will go up their and ask the people who live there for permission or not and take pictures without them knowing, haha =P On the place where this house was built was an old water mill at first.....
...... things have changed a bit haven't they ; )
But the house has a little replica of the water mill on it's "roof", if you look closely you can see it in the drawing which was made by a very nice man called Ad Bakker, he makes gorgeous art work and is so talented I think ! = )
Anyways you don't have to guess with which "brand" I would decorate my dream house.... hmmmm !?!? =P
Now I have no idea what the price is for a house like this (maybe I don't want to know, haha) but I can still dream, right !? ; )


Helga said...

Een prachtig huis..... maar blijf jij maar lekker dromen meis....ben bang dat het misschien wel eens onder monumentenzorg kan vallen....en dan is de prijs echt niet leuk meer.... en ook inrichten met Riviera.....mmm, gaat je boel centjes kosten.
En trouwens dromen zijn bedrog :-)

CorianneDesign said...

Ik geloof dat hij inderdaad op de lijst van monumentenzorg staat, geloof dat het zelfs eens in de krant heeft gestaan.
Vandaar dat ik het eigenlijk ook niet wil weten, haha =P
En ach je kan overal een paleisje van maken toch ; )

Oh ik heb inmiddels de deurpost geverfd !! = )
Kan EINDELIJK de nieuwe deur erin, haha... laat het wel de klussenier doen, want ik heb niet de juiste middelen in huis om bijvoorbeeld de gaten te boren voor de deurklink.