Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Magnolia with Love collection.....

These stamped images are from the new Magnolia kit (stamp club), now I don't have them.... but I want them !!
This pictures was taken by Vicki Quinn one of my Magnolia friends @Magnolia World (Facebook)
So all credit goes to her for showing us these new images...... and boy are they CUTE !!
Have you seen the one of Cupid with his naked bum bum, hihihihi
Ohhh I can't hardly wait 'till they get released to the stores ! Sighhhhh

Thanks again Vicki !! = )

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Aya said...

Hi Corianne,
Just a few more days, they try to send them all end of the week so they can be in the shops early next week if the have ordered them already.
Loving whishes Aya