Monday, December 03, 2012

Jason with short hair.....

In with the short hair..... and out with the long hair !
Jason Momoa got a fresh clean haircut for a new upcoming movie role.
Earlier this year he mentioned that he was cutting his hair and the whole crowd went.... NO !!!
(come on ladies it's just hair and it grows back, hihi)
Back then he couldn't tell us more about the role, but things will be revealed soon ; )

I guess it was time for something different..... he had short hair before (Baywatch Hawaii), then long hair (Baywatch movie), dreadlocks (Stargate Atlantis), long hair for a couple of his movies and now back to short hair, only this time without the babyface, haha... which he had in his Baywatch years =P

So filming Bullet to the head is done, filming Wolves... done, his own movie Road to Paloma.... done, hmmmmm I think it's about time we get to see/watch the final result !!!
We waited long enough.......... don't you agree !?!? ; )


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