Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sometimes you're in luck ! = )

copyright Riviera Maison

Sometimes you're in luck.... and so was I today, because I went to Intratuin (garden center) and ALWAYS have look at the Riviera Maison section (I can't help it... I'm addicted, haha)
Now I've loved these Rustic Rattan file baskets for sooooo long and guess what.... today they were 2 for the price of 1.... aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh..... so you can understand that I couldn't pass by this oppertunity, right girls !? =P (wink, wink)

And except from an aaaaaaaaaahhhhh moment there also was an yeeeeeeaaaaahhh moment, because when I got home the postman delivered the new Magnolia "Rainbow" collection stamps !!! = )
Wow.... 2 Rustic Rattan file baskets for the price of 1, the new Magnolia "Rainbow" collection stamps and the sun is shinning on top of that.................... life can be FANTASTIC ; )

I do feel spoiled though (blush).... but if you don't tickle yourself from time to time, then who will !? ; )

Hope everyone has a great day just like me and I'm giving everyone a big hug....



Ik ben Esther said...

Ik kan me helemaal je "rush"voorstellen!!!!Geweldig,ik ben ook gek op Riviera Maison,het is inderdaad altijd alleen zo kostbaar.Des te gaver als je zo'n geweldige aanbieding tegenkomt...:O)
Hele fijne dag en geniet maar van de stempels en je koopje!!!
Liefs Esther

CorianneDesign said...

Thanks meis !! = )

Liefs Corianne