Monday, May 26, 2014

Tilda hare boy guarding my baking utensils


Today I finished the Tilda hare boy I had laying around for a while 
After I made the mother hare and child from the Tone Finnager Tilda kit, I thought why not make a boy this time?
And as you know... boys will be boys, they can be full of mischief, so I gave his a little catapult 
But his a sweet little boy, because he's guarding my favorite baking utensils when I'm not using them ;)

Hope you have lovely evening,


Ik ben Esther said...

Superleuk is ie geworden joh!!
En de foto's zijn zo mooi,met al die keukenspullen!!
Super weer meis!!!
Liefs Esther

CorianneDesign (a.k.a. La Dolce Vita) said...

Dank je meis 😘

Hoop dat alles goed gaat aan jouw kant? 😄