Friday, May 23, 2014

The new Tilda doll from the upcoming collections......... Tiny Treasures & Happiness is Homemade

I would like to show you the new Tilda doll from the two upcoming collections Tiny Treasures and Happiness is Homemade
Personally I (and many of my fellow Tilda fans) hope that this is just a one time thing because we don't really like this version of Tone Finnangers Tilda dolls

But the fabrics are beautiful once again and the idea for the doll is lovely (just not this version of the doll)
But what I'm going to do is use a standard Tilda doll pattern and create my own version, because I love the colors of the new fabrics and the idea of a Tilda doll with scissors 
She can be my little sewing assistant and keep me company while I'm behind my sewing machine 
I really want to get started on my own version now, hihi

Have sunny day,

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