Monday, March 01, 2010

Made a list of Tilda books

Hi all of you Tilda fans.... when I became a Tilda fan myself I noticed that there were so many Tilda books in different languages and got a bit confussed. So I made a list of all the Tilda books Tone Finnanger created, to "help" you out a bit.
The list shows all of her books, the countries and the year they were released in.
And because every country has it's own cover I also placed pictures of all the covers in the list, so you can get a better idea and know what to look for......
Now I haven't written the titles down, but I think I will in the future..... what do you think !?!?

I would love to read all of your comments and suggestions.... so feel free to do so !!

---How to find this list ---

You can find the list in a separate blog page..... look on the right side of my blog main page and click on the HER BOOKS button, a new window will open up and then just click on the picture to have a closer look.

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Gepke, said...

Hi Corianne,

Erg handig! Thanks! Groetjes, Gepke