Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hänglar and Stänglar Stamps

Ohhhhhh my God these stamps by Hänglar & Stänglar are soooooooo CUTE (aren't they !?)
One of the Double Dutch designers used a stamp from Hänglar & Stänglar (didn't knew then that they were from this brand, so thanks Jolanda) and I immediately fell in love with these stamps !
The only bad news is that they only sell them in Norway, the good news is that there are online shops who sell
Hänglar & Stängler prints (not the stamps, but only stamped prints)
Well it's better to have the prints then nothing, I guess !? :P
Other good news..... Hänglar & Stänglar have a blog and they have soooo many lovely creations on there,
you better get out a mop (dweil) 'cause you will start to drool, haha... lol !
Just click on logo (or on the logo in my sidebar) and enjoy ; )
Now I can't read any Norwaign either, haha.... but on the top right of their sidebar is a Google Translate option. : )
It's best to select English I think (translate better)
and their blog will be translated in to the language of your choice !
Now don't you agree that Hänglar & Stängler should also sell their stamps worldwide !?!?
Maybe we can all send them an email and ask them, hahaha..... I think their email is hanglar_stanglar@hotmail.com

Anyways, hope you like this news and if you have any news regarding Hänglar & Stänglar let me know ; )
Thanks for dropping by again, have a great sunny day !!

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