Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tilda homemade angel

My first creation from Tone Finnangers new collection 'Happiness is homemade' is the 'Homemade Angel' but not made with the "new" doll pattern, because (like many Tilda fans) I don't like the pattern
I really hope Tone changes her mind and for her next collection use the normal patterns again
Anyways, back to the 'Homemade Angel'... like I said, I used a normal pattern and now she fits right in with her Tilda sisters
The fabrics are fantastic (like always!) and with the buttons, yarn and scissors she is a great help when I'm sitting behind my sewing machine ;)

Now it's waiting for the new book to arrive, I can't hardly wait... I want to see what other creations I can make and get some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing :)

I love to hear your opinion about the new Tilda doll pattern, do you like the pattern or would you like the normal pattern better!?
Let me know and leave your opinion in a comment right here under this message

Have a lovely Sunday,

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Anonymous said...

I like the older patterns, however the new one is growing on me, but it is more the colours than the style.