Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tone Finnanger's Tilda Vintergleder collection 2013

*for a closer look... right click on picture and select open in new window*

Dear blog I just want to show you these new pictures of Tone Finnanger's Tilda Vintergleder collection 2013
I show two pictures before but these are better and there are couple of new ones...... and boy I'm so "in love" with this new collection
When can I start!?!? hahaha
Last time I mentioned that I had ordered the Tilda Skating doll and that I want to make the polar bear...... new one on the list, is the Tilda doll with turtleneck
She's on the top right corner....... isn't she also cute!?!?
I guess I just had enough of this heatwave and want to get started on "cool" things, hahaha

Last night I couldn't sleep (fell a sleep around three thirty) :/
You know this kitty has the right idea if you ask me.....
Then again my butt doesn't even fit in the refrigerator, hihi :P

Anyways thanks for stopping by
much love Corianne

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