Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mama Kangaroo And Baby (Tilda)

And here she is....... the Tilda mother kangaroo and her baby !!
It's an official Tilda pattern that was only released in Australia a couple of years ago, so I was pretty lucky to even get my hands on it.
The little baby is holding a little heart in the official pattern, but I still hadn't had time to create one.
Hope you like mother and baby........


erdbeerdiamant said...

This is sooooooooo pretty. I want one ;o)))

Have a nice weekend!

CorianneDesign said...

Thanks erdbeerdiamant for your sweet compliment !! ; )

You also have a great weekend : )

Anonymous said...

Wow is that hand made, I is very pretty and so sweet.
I'm loving it.

CorianneDesign said...

Thanks isannaday, but this one isn't handmade (way too much work), no I was talking about the chipboard box, that one is handmade ; )
Never mind.....

Love Corianne

joko said...

Hello Corianne,
I love it.
In febr. my doughter has to go to Australia for half a year and i would like to make this for her. Is there anyway i can get a copy of this pattern. Of course i would pay for it.

with kind regards, jose

CorianneDesign said...

Hi Joko, if you search the internet you should be able to find it, that's how I find things ; )
Good luck ! = )

Greetz Corianne