Friday, October 21, 2011

At Home & Riviera Maison.....

Just bought the new issue of At Home magazine and saw that with a subscription you get a € 70,- gift voucher for Riviera Maison.... and instead of € 142,75 for 15 numbers you now pay € 72,75 !! = )
Perfect deal for me, haha.... I always buy this magazine at our local supermarket, but this deal is just me =P
So I just ordered my subscription and already I'm wondering what I can buy at Riviera Maison, hihi *blush*

Tonight it's movie night..... by the way last Wednesday I watched this movie called "Two can play that game" on TV and it's hilarious, you should watch it when you can.
But tonight it's DVD time..... this time the movie will be "Paranormal Activity" 1 & 2....

they should be very scary they say, haha.... so just a couple of lights on and a few candles....
on the sofa with my fake furry plaid and a bowl of caramel kruitnoten, hmmmmm ; )


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