Thursday, November 03, 2011

KreaDoe 2011......

Yes yesterday was the day..... the KreaDoe 2011 in Utrecht began
 and boy have I been looking forward to this day ! = )
I went with my mom and Helga and I can say we had a wonderful fun filled day, haha =P
I made a "few" pictures to give you guys a little bit of an idea of that day....

Here we are at the stand of Nicole who was promoting the FlexMarker (read about it on her blog)

And of course I couldn't resist to get a picture taken with the girl her self ; )

Hoooked.... do I need to say more !? ; )

Here I am with Antoinette van Schaik.... who some of you may know from Eline Pellinkhof's books = )
It was really nice meeting you in person !

Here we are at the Pipoos stand to take pictures of all the creations made with Eline Pellinkhof's products

Also at this stand (right around the corner) were the gorgeous creations from Don & Daisy

People having fun at the Pipoos workshops

And what do you know.... all of a sudden Helga and me saw.... Gepke from YourZoap !! = )
Great meeting you as well girl ; )

p.s. I just had a piece of candy in my mouth.... funny face, haha

Me and Helga and the end of a fun day......
it was again fantastic KreaDoe.... thanks !!
(yes I talked about my mom but she doesn't want to get her picture taken...
hmmm I don't know who I got it from, hahaha =P )



Helga said...

Oh meis, wat heb je veel mooie foto's gemaakt, ik zie zelfs dingen die ik gisteren niet gezien heb.....en ik was er toch echt zelf bij hahahah... Ik toch zo'n geweldige gezellige dag met jou en je superlieve moeder gehad. BEDANKT!
Tot snel, liefs,

CorianneDesign said...

Graag gedaan meis en jij ook nogmaals bedankt voor een super leuke dag, zeker voor herhaling vatbaar ! = )

Liefs Corianne

Helga said...

Nou en of!! Met jou op pad is helemaal geweldig en gezellig
X Helga