Monday, January 30, 2012

Avenged Sevenfold makes a wish come true.....

I just had to share this video and picture with you guys....
as you know I love the band Avenged Sevenfold
I love their music but what I love even more about them is what
they are willing to do for their fans.
They not only let fans get up on stage to play one of the instruments and do a song
with the guys, they also take the time for fans...

And then they do this.....
The FC Cancer Foundation have shared a photo of M Shadows
and cancer patient Lizzy who were brought together through
 the Make-A-Wish Foundation in May of 2011.

Lizzy’s wish was to meet Avenged Sevenfold
and M Shadows flew up to meet her on a day off
to make her wish come true.
The two were introduced on May 12th and kept in touch via text
until the news was delivered to him by her mother
that just a few days after meeting him Lizzy had passed away.

On May 15th the band dedicated their performance
of “So Far Away” to her. Lizzy, you are not forgotten.

Thanks to the FC Cancer Foundation and Avenged Sevenfold
for making Lizzy's wish come true !
And thanks to the person who shot the video
and shared it with the rest of us.

Sometimes you're surfing the internet
and then you find something like this...
In the video M Shadows said at one point that The Rev
(who was their former drummer and passed away)
was waiting for her to give her a big hug.....
pfff that got me all teared up !


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