Saturday, February 11, 2012

Adele live at the Royal Albert hall.....

Just watched the "Adele live at the Royal Albert hall" concert on TV and oh my God what is she good !!
Love her music, her voice and I love her....
what a person, don't you agree !?
There's something I want to share with you guys
and that's that whole thing with Karl Lagerfeld (roll eyes)
I just love how she responds....

"I really do not want to be a skinny Minnie Mouse,
so if that's what's needed to be successful, then I pass."
With these words the British soul star Adele
served Karl Lagerfeld with a response.
She had been called 'too fat' earlier this week.

Lagerfeld is very impressed with the new generation of singers,
including Adele, but he made a rather unfortunate remark.
One thing bothers me at this moment. "She's a little overweight,
but she has a divine voice and a cute face."
Adele had already responded and said that she represents
the majority of women and is very proud of that.
Well spoken Adele ! the majority of women is 'a little overweight'
so to speak and not these, (sometimes even)
ridiculous stick figures we see in the fashion industry.
Just because the models have to be.....
I guess to make things look good !?!?
Who ever thought of that ???
But why mr. Karl Lagerfeld felt the need to make such a comment is your guess as good as mine....
it's easy to make a low remake, 
I can also say "Why does Karl Lagerfeld always wear these ridiculous high collars,
what... to support his neck or else his head will fall off !?!?"
Anyways, all I want to say is that I love Adele and her music...
at least she's REAL !! = )

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