Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Ohhhh yeah.... look what I found.....
a soft (vintage) pink trenchcoat ! = )
I needed a new summer jacket this year, because I went two dress sizes smaller.... so I was "swimming" in my old one, haha =P
I wasn't really looking yet, but then I saw this one when I was shopping for some groceries.

And I didn't even know I went two dress sizes smaller.... well that made my day, haha we women love that, don't we girls !? ; )
Too bad we don't loose the weight at the places we want to loose weight from... like when people ask you if you lost some weight, because they can see it in your FACE !?!?!?
hahahaha.... lol !! =P
Question: "How big was my head before then !?"
Whahahahaha..... lol ; )

Anyways, I love that we all look different... big or small it doesn't matter, as long as it's not interfering with your health I say "Live and let live" ! = )


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