Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Storage idea for your markers....

Hiya everybody.... it's been a while hasn't it that's because I had a huge migraine attack, so huge that I needed to see a doctor =/
But I'm feeling better and I could finally start with my idea to create a storage unit for my Flexmarkers, Promarkers, Distress markers and my six Distress Inkpads.

It didn't have to be a large storage unit because I usually use Copics to color my stamp images.
So I started thinking what can I use and more important.... it should cost too much !

After looking around in my room I saw this cheap DVD storage unit I bought a long, long time ago at Xenos I believe....

On the first two rows are the Flexmarkers and to make it easier I made a color chart to see which color is which,
with the numbers on the top row and right underneath the name of the color with the actual color.

Next up are the Promarkers......

The Distress Inkpads....

And last but not least.... the Distress markers,
they are actually in the clear cases !
First I thought of using DVD cases but that's not working
because a DVD case has a inner layer to hold a DVD disk.....
so that wasn't a option.
But after surfing the internet I found these clear cases which are used to store stamps.
The Distress markers fit perfectly and they are not expensive ; )

The other clear cases don't have anything in them yet,
but I'm sure I will find something to put in them in the future ; )
So what do you guys think.... is it a good idea and how do you store your markers !?

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